year of the horse

Chinese New year is coming! Made a short trip to Chinatown to check out the buzz. Besides the crowd, the decorations are pretty good this year round. Galloping horses are hanging in mid-air in orange lights to welcome the year of the horse. And, I should be expecting lots of mandarin oranges in the office for the next 2 weeks- oh yes, back at work already! Gary mentioned in the weekly meeting that according to Feng Shui, the ‘earth business’ (businesses on the ground) will prosper most. Basically to say that, travel (air) industry (which I’m in) has to work HARDER to reap profits! chinatown 1

chinatown 2

chinatown 6

chinatown 4

chinatown 5

chinatown 7

May you have a galloping year ahead with great health and prosperity!

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