“which btb asks for her own bridal shower”

Obviously, that wasn’t me. Nope, not guilty.

I had a fantastic time with my girls last night. I knew there was going to be a dinner and a sash (because I asked for it, some things you need to be very clear about), but a bridal shower!!! Hehe, I was over the moon last night.

So… I got to be a blonde with short bob and bangs. My goodness, those are the three things I’ve been secretly wanting to have. I looked like the crazy bride from Mean Girls (you know the one Lindsay Lohan dressed as for Halloween). I had to eat, drink and walk around Arab Street looking like a drag queen as quoted by my brother. I don’t remember when was the last time I did something quite outrageously like that. Even a cat was totally judging my scene.

IMG_1340 (1)

The girls pulled this off in a matter of days. When you have A-Team like this one, anything is possible. Apparently, while I was pampering myself for 4.5 hours at my bridal spa, the girls were running around town getting stuffs for the shower. I did not feel guilty at all. Ha ha di ha ha. The initial plan that I knew of was just dinner with Khai and Trisyia. So, I was earnestly surprised to see my two best friends at Hyde & Co. where we had our dinner. I wasn’t so surprised to see my sister-in-law because Trisyia had a slip in the car. It’s not easy keeping up with surprises man. I’m telling you, you might need a qualification for it. I will leave my birthday surprise for Luqman for another time – that was one surprise that had gone wildly wrong.

As I sat at the table, smiling (ok, I was laughing half the evening) like a loon, I can’t help but feel so blessed to have these people in my life. My heart was so full. We ended the night at And Why where we had awesome mocktails and complimentary cakes and desserts from the chef himself. It was such a good night with my girls with laughter, hugs and a lot of love.

IMG_1360 (1)

That was my very last single weekend. Thank you so much for making it so memorable. I love each and all of you. That being said, S E V E N days to the big day. Gosh, I can’t wait. In Shaa Allah, everything will go smoothly – forget about perfect, shit happens… let’s get real.

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