what a milestone

Happy Graduation to my dearest boyfriend! I shall welcome you to adulthood and tell you that it’s gonna suck! But that’s ok, with our finance spreadsheet (which I will add your part in very soon!), we’ll be more than fine.

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I’m so proud of you for coming out of NUS alive, that’s something to be proud of. I know you’ve worked hard and tirelessly to be where you are right now. And, designing a Formula 1 car for an international race competition? Who needs Sebastian Vettel when I have you 😛

Thank you for inviting me to your commencement day. It’s truly honorable to celebrate that milestone with you and your loved ones.  I’m pretty excited for you to start your new job. I’m sure it’s gonna take a while for us to adjust to each other’s schedules and crazy demands (ok, that should just be coming from me) but, we’ll be better than ok, together 🙂

You’ve done well, my dearest. Congratulations again!


With love,
Fath x

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