Wedding bells are ringing for me. Planning a wedding is both exciting and tiring. I could be high for one moment and sick of it the next. Bless anyone out there who is also planning your big day. The fact that we have 2 wedding venues – everything is just doubled up. But that’s ok, what’s life without planning a wedding.

Knowing how I like to get everything done quickly, I stress myself up with pending quotations and uncertainties about a zillion things. They keep saying I get married only once so, it needs to be special. Well, the fact that I’m marrying the man of my dreams is pretty special to me already – haha, I’m chuckling at myself! Luq, I love you, I do…

Since Luq has been researching a lot on venues, food, décor and what have you, I thought I should check out bride-to-be forums. Holy cow, y’all are an excited bunch! I admire your energies – where do you ladies get such inspirations from – Pinterest eh?

& Pinterest has become my best friend since well, I started planning my wedding.

The first challenge is to set the wedding date. You would think this is easy… But thankfully, out of the 52 weeks, 104 weekends in 2016, we have set the big day on 18 September 2016!

And, the second challenge is choosing your ring bearer – a cat or a human? Tough!

I will tell you the third challenge after we come to a conclusion for our second challenge.

The good news is, we’ve got the fabric for our lunch and dinner reception. My beautiful and talented sister-in-law will be designing my wedding dresses! I heard we might need to get extra fabric, I wonder how that is going to go down with Luq. He’s a bit of Finance Nazi when it comes to wedding expenses which I’ve come to appreciate. If you leave it to me, there won’t be a wedding, I don’t think.

I’ve narrowed down my options for my wedding dresses down to the cut, beading and colour. We’re very happy with our purchases! Can’t wait to see the designs by Dal 🙂

Some ideas from Pinterest!

Wedding dress 1

Wedding dress 2


Wedding dress 4

And the wedding plans continue… till the next update!

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