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The countdown to the wedding is getting too real- it is down to our last 10 months today! I am finally getting super excited for the big day. Initially, the both of us just wanted to get it over and done with. Partly because it felt like we were settling for the venues when we were asking if we actually need a nice wedding. As it turned out, we did. LOL!

We were saying things like, “Ok, we need to show our future kids where we got married so the place needs to be cool or they think mummy and daddy are not cool people” & “I just don’t see myself getting married in places without carpets” & “You know you want this venue, other options are settling”.

Don’t judge us- ok you are already did – nevermind!

Truth is, we want to celebrate our big day with families and friends who have been through this beautiful journey with us. So, a nice and lovely wedding will be great for memories- for everyone. I keep picturing myself flipping through our wedding albums or re-watching our wedding video over and over again in the future- be it alone or with my future kids. Just thinking about it makes me want to hire David Tutera as my wedding planner. Oh how beaut…(Luqman just mentally knocked me in my head).

I lost count on the number of times we changed the date- ok just THREE- no biggie. Finally, we (both sides of the family) decided on 14 August 2016. Initially, it was 18 September 2016 and we made a couple of bookings for that date. So you can imagine how hectic our morning was today, making calls to check for availability! All is good, everything is in place now 🙂

We have chosen Raffles Town Club and Royal Plaza on Scotts as our wedding venues. Thankfully the distance between these venues is a merely 10-15 minutes’ drive with traffic- so I don’t have to rush through my food! It is like THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE FIRST PLACE! Luqman is especially happy because he has this thing about venues with carpets- I find that endearing because he knows what he wants for his wedding, meaning he gives a shit about the wedding- cute.

We are grateful to work with Kak Ju from Sentimentals who goes out of the way to source out the best prices for us. She is very understanding with our budget and knows what we want (we want the mountains and whatnots- she had to bring us back down). Bride to Bride (lol, totally quoted this from Bride Wars), you need to make sure there is chemistry between you and your wedding planner or else, you will not enjoy the journey as much. It is about the journey that matters most- just seeing all that you’ve worked hard for on your wedding day- that is something I would not trade for anything in the world.

Believe me, it is not all that pleasant. We had a few hiccups along the way (a few is an understatement). But you will pull through. So make sure you marry the right partner too- that will be the essential first step- because all these things you hear about bridezilla are real guys!

I wish all the other bride-to-be(s) the very best planning your big day- make it one that you want to remember for eternity 🙂

Sharing some wedding themes that we have been playing around with:


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