we got engaged

What a year it had been for me!

Nonetheless, I’m eternally grateful for everything that happened and believe that everything happened for a reason. My sweet, sweet boyfriend then, beautifully proposed to me on my 25th birthday and of course, I said yes! Struggling now to type this post with a rock on my finger! This joke is becoming my favourite. Thank you darling for making it so special for me, for us. I have to say he superseded my expectations this time around. A proposal on a yacht – that’s choppy!

My birthday celebration started with brunch at Rouse. Of course being the spoilsport that I was, I was persistently guessing where we were going at every turn he made. Then, we headed to Megazip at Sentosa where he made me jump off a board from the 11th storey (kidding, but well it seemed that high)! I learned that if I ever want to commit suicide, I would not die by jumping off a building – a good lesson to learn when you turned a quarter century old.

Later on, we went to have some fun on the water slides at Adventure Cove. Minus the long queue, it was a pretty fun place to be. I think I’d be coming back soon to try out all 4 slides! Anyone?

Here’s the thing about the next part of my birthday celebration. We went shopping for it the week before because I wanted to dress up for my birthday dinner. I was happily charging everything to my card… something about the month of December and credit cards. Let’s just hope I wouldn’t be too surprised by the total amount when the bill’s in!

Anyhoos, I settled for a white jumpsuit only because I’m a mega fan of jumpsuit! I coupled it with a black sequinned zipper jacket with black and gold killer heels. I felt like a rockstar! He blindfolded me in the car before driving off to the next surprise.

Anyone who could walk in a 5-inch heels while being blindfolded would get holiday credits from me – it was impossible! So, barefooted I was. So, the surprises that came after, were one after another. First, I got the yacht (like woah, a private chartered yacht). Second, I got 2 charms from Pandora (one of it was a yacht… cute). Third, I got a MacBook Air and a scrapbook that made me cry (never thought I had in me to cry over a letter)! And lastly, when he knelt down on one knee asking me to spend the rest of our lives together 🙂

It was perfect. Everything about you is perfect. I love you and I keep falling in love with you too.

Some pictures to share on my special day:










To the love of my life, I loved you before, I love you today and I will love you for the rest of my life. In Sha Allah 🙂

It was indeed the best way to end the year. I couldn’t be happier. Oh yay, I’m engaged!

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