I thought that I should start blogging about my life. Oh! The disappointments, adversities, men, choices, what to do the next day, hair colours- very overwhelming, indeed. I am 24 and have lived my life since 5 years ago, or I thought that I have. Life is a dick and if all else fails, just suck it. 

Who am I kidding? Life is a box of surprises. Well, at least, I have been surprised. When you start to let yourself take some crazy chances, trust me, some crazy shit will come back right at you- mostly pleasant, I hope.

I have been learning to live my life to the fullest ever since Justin Bieber plastered tattoos all over his body, Miley Cyrus wrecked a ball and Lindsay Lohan finally turning a new leaf- these are recent events if you need to ask. Life is short, take the chances and sometimes, leave the consequences to later.

At 24, I have pretty much done a lot because I chose to do the things that I have done. Of course, the list is endless. But, you do what you gotta do.

& love, it will find you when the time is right.

I am currently on my 3 months holiday – spoilt, I am. Staying at my aunt’s holiday apartment in Port de la Selva, Spain (Costa Brava). It’s not so much of a winter spot but, I will definitely come back for a summer vacation. I’ve been learning Spanish on my own with Elisabeth Smith- using the Fast Spanish Guide that I bought a while ago with the greatest intention to learn a new language. I am getting better at writing in Spanish- oh, not some fancy-ass sentences though. But, when I try to speak with a local, I get all clammy and start being cute- gets me by.

I hope to find a tandem in the city or meet ANYONE to speak Spanish with.

I will share some photos of my trip once I get a reasonable working network. Spain is a beautiful country from its people, food, history and culture. Just over a week ago, I was in Barcelona and I made my second visit to La Sagrada Familia. I was still amazed at the majestic architectural beauty of the cathedral. I would say “Jesus” but if my mum were to chance upon my blog, I wouldn’t hear the end of it.

I guess this is enough for starters. I will be sure to update this space regularly with my 3G network coverage.

PS: It’s freezing in here at 11 degree celsius with the wind blowing at 40 kph- that will literally blow you away.

Buenos noches!

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