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Should I be concerned that I’m turning domesticated? I’m telling you I can’t stand to see a speck of dust or things just lying around recklessly in the house. Sometimes – and my mum would go mad if she finds out – I throw things that I deem useless. I mean, why would you keep empty glass bottles (ok they look artistic because my parents got them from the weddings they attended) and place it on the cabinet? All I can think of is D U S T!

When I told some close friends about my current pet peeve, they would tell me that I am ready for what’s going to come next in my life –  the marriage. Ha ha di ha ha. Luqman is one lucky guy if this pet peeve continues for years. Who wouldn’t like coming home to a clean house? Once, we briefly decided that we would probably get a weekly maid who would help out with the housework. That was obviously decided before my crazy urge to have the house clean all the time.

It is still a little funny when I get so much satisfaction from just getting my toilet floor scrubbed. What has really gotten into me? Or when I can smell the flower scent coming from the toilet whenever I enter my room. I have definitely levelled up my makcik-ness (direct translation: auntie antics). Of course the happiest beings right about now are my parents. They are taking the back seat when it comes to cleaning the house these days. G R E A T.

Actually, I think I just love a clean house – so it doesn’t matter who gets it clean. So maybe if Luqman brings up the weekly maid idea again, I would just agree and move on. I mean, you do only live once.

Besides cleaning the house, I got stuffs that happened this week. I got a job interview at McCann World Group. Not too shabby office – they have their own rooftop area. Agencies really live it up to the high life I think. They even have their own Heineken tab in the office – not that I drink but you know poor cleaning aunty. The best thing about the office is the coffee machine. I just had to press for what I want – cappuccino coming right up!


How cool is this? They have a spiral staircase situation in their office.

Other than that, I dyed my hair Natural Mocha which turned out to be just like my natural hair colour. This is what I get when I let Luq choose the colour! At least my highlights from two years ago are gone now. I heard so much about Liese – you know the foam colouring shampoo from Korea. So I decided to give it a try rather than going to the salon and bust a couple of hundreds on my hair. It worked like magic! And my hair stays smooth even after the wash so that’s just brilliant.


Ignore Luq’s not camera ready face… See, my highlights are gone! Finally!

Yes, I may not be working right now but who doesn’t like a Friday night date! Since we had to cross over the causeway bridge and brave through the traffic for petrol, we decided to have dinner at JB. Just like KL, I can eat at almost any restaurants in town. As always it took us sometime to decide on the place to eat – I don’t think we are ever going to see any improvement in this area – before we decided on George & Dragon cafe. What I like about going to JB is that we are forced to put our phones away because we don’t get any connections (smartphones without data is basically just a phone with camera). We can bond without distractions from social media, or messages from anyone. It’s our weekly detox from being connected.  We do need that once in a while.


Don’t you agree I look cool in the cap?


The food was ok – maybe I didn’t pick the right one. Just posing with our car outside the cafe… as you do.


He made me say 1, 2, 3 and he struck that pose. God bless him. As you can see, I take blurry pictures. We actually quarrelled about that before in London.

And… it was a simple night, so simple that I got a second proposal from the man himself! So much hassle to upload the video here – YouTube and all. If you’re dying to see it, you can see it on my Instagram.

Well, Sunday is here and Monday’s coming around. Let’s embrace another week of being unemployed. Here’s to nothing will last forever – except my love for my man, family and cats. Lol, issues.

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