twenty six already

Luq made me admit my mistake and apologize for it on my birthday. This is apparently his indication of me being a year older and wiser. Screw it.

Besides that, I had a great birthday celebration with him. Like I mentioned before, he is big on surprises. But – I am a pretty good guesser. My birthday weekend started with being 45 minutes late for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Well, well, well, who knew I would be so gripped by the movie and now I’m quite a fan. Caught Empire Strike Back the next day to get into the whole Star Wars scene, but totally fell asleep half way through it – I’m sure these things take time! In any case, we managed to watch the full movie on Tuesday to end off my birthday celebration. Now, I want BB-8 droid as present. It’s still my birthday month … such ideas 🙂 

Leading up to my birthday weekend, Luq kept reminding me not to expect much. I heard you, darling. I did. I told him so many times that I wasn’t expecting anything (I want this top, iPod Nano and this and that… ok it’s a list). So he said I can make three guesses for what we’d be doing first on my birthday – can’t remember what they were now, but one of it was baking. And, totally nailed it. Of course he didn’t tell me I got it right. He just said, “Oh you will know tomorrow”. Told you I am good at guessing!

Apron game strong. Last people to leave the class.

Apron game strong. Last people to leave the class – that made us very meticulous student bakers.

We went to Baker’s Brew Studio on Sunday morning (I know he made me get up early on a friggin’ Sunday). Got ma bakin’ game on. Turns out, I’m not a natural at baking. Luq, on the other hand, is a natural frost-er. He was really good with making a cake looked like a cake. Whereas, my cake turned out looking like a trapezium. Ha ha di ha ha. I was so hungry in the middle of the class that I started to nibble on the crumps of my cake until the teacher said that I might not have enough left to decorate my cake. YOU DON’T SAY!

Anyway, we are so making baking our thing. The only cake we’re ever going to be baking is Red Velvet Cake. Hey future kids, your birthday cakes are sorted – Red Velvet Cake with different coloured frosting each time. Best parents, ever 🙂

On the morning of my birthday, he surprised me with a bouquet of lilies. This boy right here can still surprise me. I remember casually telling him that I love lilies and you know it would be nice to get them from someone someday (it was a HUGE hint right there – and by someone, I was referring to him). That totally made my morning.

It’s the littlest things that he does for me that tickle my teenage heart. Why you so sweet? Looks like I need to level up my game for his birthday next year. I’m still trying to convince him that the best gift is indeed, ME – wish me luck guys!

Thank you Sayang for the loveliest weekend. You’re the best and you already know that because I’m so nice to VERBALLY say that to you everyday. Damn, gotta wait another year for my next birthday – this is gonna be a looooong wait.

His cake. So do I win best cake award?

His cake. So do I win best cake award?

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