Tuesday is always the slowest day for me. I’m waiting for the clock to strike 5. It’s now 10 minutes to 5!

I’ll be rushing to Strip for my IPL session. I think this is my 6th session. It’s pretty good so far. Hair growth is declining and my hair thickness is decreasing too. Yeah, I decided to buy Strip’s IPL package because I’ve had it with my epilator. The fortnightly torture that I had to go through was becoming too real to handle. Say hello IPL, painless and clean.

Well, it does cost quite a bit. I bought mine at 9 sessions for $2000. Now that I just typed that out, what was I thinking? Lol, but I just can’t stand having hair growing in my bikini area or any parts of my body. I just can’t tolerate hair growth except for my head. I need the hair on my head to grow faster and lusher… please!

Then, I’ll rush to my trusty eyebrow threading place at Midpoint Orchard to get my brows fixed. I’ve been growing it out since the lady at the other shop butchered my brows and making it pencil thin!

I’m clearly killing time right now. Ok, it’s 1 minute to 5! I’m off, taa..

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