the second month

You’d definitely be pooped on at least once by now. That literally happened today. I’ve forgiven you, my child.

The second month didn’t get easier. We just got used to having a baby around. Thanks to my helper who is taking turns with me, I get to squeeze in some extra hours of sleep. On good nights, I can get by with 3-4 hours of uninterrupted sleep which I’m so thankful for. But sometimes, the baby boss decides to party up before his 3-hour sleep and what can I do about that? Nothing much but, wake up.

Adam is getting chubbier by the day. It’s really cute. He’s slowly outgrowing his newborn onesies and mittens and even socks! Oh my, baby not so fast. He’s starting to blabber a lot. I find that super amusing especially when he tries to have conversations with me. Finally, it doesn’t feel like I’m talking by myself. He’s definitely learning new expressions besides the face he makes before he cries. He smiles a whole lot more these days and my heart would flutter.

He’s getting very well acquainted with his animal friends in the cot especially, his blue elephant friend. How do I break it to him that elephants are not blue? He totally loves this animal take-along mobile which plays really annoying music that we bought for him. The music puts me to sleep, I won’t lie. I’d catch him blabbering non-stop while looking at the animals turning round and round. Okay if that entertains you, my child.

He’s definitely looking a lot like me when I was a baby. Luqman is a little sour about it. He keeps telling me that his face will change soon and he’s gonna look like him. If you say so. Every night before bed, both of us would look at Adam and smile. Like wow, we made this little guy. You were a sperm. A SPERM. And look how big you’ve got. 

We’ve started reading story books to him – kiasu parents in the making? Lol! His first ever book is titled ‘My Mummy Loves Me’ (not biased at all, move along). I have to read with my high-pitched, screeching voice to add to the dramatic effect of the story. Please don’t ever record me reading or doing anything. I will hate how I sound like. Bleargh. He enjoys looking at my expressions when I read. I think he’s telling me to chill and read using my normal voice. Whateves. I have also memorised the sequence of the animal appearance in Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? Blue horse, purple cat, what are you teaching my kid?

Yesterday, Adam went for his circumcision surgery. I was a tad nervous at first, almost guilty. What if they cut off his penis by accident? My poor baby! My heart sank when I heard his first scream from outside the room. And then, his second cry. 10 minutes later, he’s out of the room looking stoned (two months and already embracing the high life). I almost laughed at his face. What the heck did you just put me through? Retribution is tonight, you see. He’s recovering ok, me thinks. A few more days before the ring falls off! Hang in there, little guy.

So happy before surgery… Clearly he didn’t know what’s coming.

Post surgery face. STONED!

Dear Adam, you’re only two months old but you have already won our hearts. We can’t wait to see how you’ll grow up to be. Actually, I take that back. Just don’t give me a big headache when you’re older.

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