the railway trail in singapore

Of course this very idea didn’t come from me. In fact I had my reservations to do this trail under the blazing hot sun. My skin is just recovering from the heat and my unhealthy ways of binging on junk food the past few weeks. I’m currently on sweet drinks detox and it’s working well for my skin!

I’ve been checking the weather forecast almost daily and on most days, it is showing 35 deg cels at 3pm (that’s about the time we planned to start!). With this current heat situation happening in Singapore, I rather much stay at home until the sun cools down a bit. The cousins and siblings planned to have this walk last Friday since it was a public holiday (not that it mattered to me!). I was hoping that the weather would be kinder that day – but fat chance! It was so hot that I could fry an egg on my head.

That was my deal breaker – the harsh weather.

I almost decided to forgo the idea of the trail until everyone sent out text messages that they would be late and that was already 3 plus in the afternoon. Because I grew up with them, I knew that we would only set off earliest at 5pm (and I was right!). By then, the sun cooled down and it was more bearable to stand outside. I know I sound like a prune, but honestly I am very concerned about the zits that would be popping on my skin after being out in the sun!

I was the latest to arrive (learnt it from my mum). I hadn’t eaten then so I started off the trail feeling hungry. Thankfully I had my brother who seemed to pack for this trail – he got twiggies in his little shoe bag which was devoured by me in seconds! Obviously, we didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into when we set off. We bumped into an uncle who told us that IT IS VERY FAR!

Like that’s gonna stop us! 

One question you should ask yourself before you go on a trail is – what do you pack exactly? A normal person would pack light sandwiches or even energy bars and isotonic drinks. But not this group of people I went with. We had pringles, half-eaten kitkat, coke, twiggies, mint (yes because bad breath is socially unacceptable anywhere even in the almost woods of Singapore). Some list we got there. But hey whatever to keep us going for this 10km trail.

At our half point (or I think it was), we walked past Luq’s reservist office and I got a little excited – he couldn’t join us so I was waving to the building like a loon. Things you do for love. I even snapped a selfie with the building as proof (sometimes Luq thinks I make things up when I never do that… ever). Throughout the entire walk (ok I would admit, 30 minutes into the walk), I was already thinking about cheese prata with fish curry. Not at all feeling guilty for having that thought when we were walking in the name of healthier living.

Seriously, where do people get the willpower to run 10km or further? Is there a place they go to collect some sort of energy ball or something? I felt tired (instead of motivated) seeing them run while I walked right beside them. There were so fast that we saw them running back (no we weren’t slow, they were definitely sprinting). By 7pm, we hastened our pace because it was getting darker. All sorts of horror/thriller films ran through my mind. I was then comforted by the sounds of the cars and buses by the road side and totally planned my escape route in my head – just run and jump right onto the road for help.

By the time we reached the end (which was pretty anti-climatic), we didn’t know exactly where to go on from there. We were all hoping to see the old railway station at Tanjong Pagar, but no. We only saw a large clearing that is fenced. We walked back and found a small exit that took us to the roadside. Oh hello civilisation – it’s been three hours long… how you do?

We then walked for about another 2km (like the walk earlier wasn’t burning enough calories) before reaching our intended endpoint. There was a fair happening there and it closed at 9pm so we were over the moon to arrive before it closed!

It felt like I burnt so much calories which was put on again after my hearty McDonald’s meal – see what’s the point? I mean, yes to healthy lifestyle choice (minus the McDonald’s of course).


At the start point. Khai didn’t get the memo of course – to look cool.


So we were expecting to be walking on the railway tracks throughout but well, it was only here at the start point. There goes our ‘cool’ shots we were planning to take after the trail.


Cool wall in the background called for cool poses. We were so nailin’ this. Not even 1/4 into the walk. Still clueless what signed ourselves up for.


Ok guys, winning faces. Only I managed that.


Whoever said you need to stretch before exercising… that is totally a myth. Do it while you’re at it. Still wrong. The correct way is after the workout. Ok, next time!


We can safely say we lean more towards being posers than athletes. This is what I mean by ‘almost woods’ in Singapore – you are bound to see a building sticking out or MRT even when you think you are far away from the city. #yoursingapore


Three hours and many photos later, we made it here! Won’t lie, we were all thinking about food by then. Love you guys like crazy!

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