the choice in life

There are so many things for me to look forward to at this point of my life. At this prime age of 25, I have decided to put my life into perspective from my career to what I want out of this life. It’s been quite a tough few weeks at work having to deal with the site wide penalty by Google… hopefully, I’ll be hearing some good news in 2 weeks or so! I’m still new in the digital marketing space, I won’t deny that it can be quite frustrating having to look at the analysis daily and trying to get a crack on what’s causing the dip! All in good time, I hope!

That’s work.

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On a personal note, I’ve been blessed with love all around. It’s such a beautiful feeling; to feel love from your family, friends all over the world and most of it all, You. I haven’t felt happier in my life for the longest time. If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt from my solo 3-month adventure is that, life would be a lot more meaningful if you could share it with the people that you love most. I remember sitting by the edge of a high wall in the barrios of Granada with my legs dangling freely while enjoying some Spanish classic, and I thought to myself how beautiful it would be to share this quiet moment with someone.

And, I’m so glad to have found my partner and I’m still counting my blessings every day. We have so many things to look forward to from applying a house together to planning a wedding. Of course, like many other relationships, we have our little tiffs that drive each other up the walls. But most importantly, we could talk about our feelings to each other and that’s what I love most about you… us. Getting quite difficult to get tired of the daily talks about the future from designing our house to sunday pancakes with our children.

I used to have second thoughts about settling down until I met my partner. Maybe the idea of compromising my future may seem a little daunting. And the thousand and one questions about should I keep a little part of me before I lose myself in this relationship… they all seem pretty legit. But hey, if you’re doing it with the right person, what have you got to lose, really?

And we all know, we can’t have the best of both worlds. But, this is the choice that I choose to take. It may change my plans a little bit but, if they’re meant to happen, it would happen eventually. Moreover, wouldn’t it be nicer to share your plans with someone than doing them all on your own.

Thank you for loving me as much as I love you, every day and for bringing out the best in me and us.


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