the 95th minute goal exists

Arsenal beat Leicester City’s ass like a boss yesterday. 2-1 (penalty shot)!!! I won’t consider penalty a worthy goal. It was an easy shot – ok I know it’s not that easy, but it was stiiiill a cheap shot. Luq and I decided to watch the match together with the rest of the fans at Molly Roffey’s Irish Pub. Luq was so nervous that he had to shit before the game. I also had to go not because I was nervous, I had caramel latte at 6pm. Sunday is when your coffee schedule gets all over the place.

We knew that it was going to be a tough match, but we definitely didn’t anticipate it to be THAT tough. The first half of the match was pretty intense. I was so into the game. Honestly, I couldn’t recognize myself. Normally I want Arsenal to win so I won’t have to deal with Luq sulking. Yes that boy can sulk and all I can muster is we will be stronger the next game which doesn’t make him feel better most of the time. But last night’s match got me worked up well. I was busy boo-ing the referee kayu (direct English translation: wood) with the rest of the fans. I was getting angry at Aaron Ramsey for the near misses which was A LOT by the way. At one point, Giroud got so mad and I could feel his frustration in my bones. So Leicester City was leading by 1 goal in the first half. Bloody Vardy.

During half time, Luq and I tried to calm our tits and stay positive. Anything can happen in 45 minutes. We sipped on our drinks and talked about the game. Guys, I feel so cool. I asked Luq one day if he’s proud that I can speak football now. He said YES, VERY PROUD! Well, at times, the boy can just go on and on and on about football. So I thought instead of being clueless, might as well understand what the hell he’s on about.

The second half bell rang and the game started. The game was mostly played on Arsenal’s side. I had a mental picture of Arsene screwing the boys upside down during the half time. It paid off – not for Ramsey though. He should not be allowed with the ball when it’s so close to scoring a goal. I call him The Miss. I don’t know what’s the deal with Giroud, but he’s not performing up to my standard yesterday. Ok fine, he was being attacked from everywhere. I told Luq that he should shave his beard so he can run faster – less air resistance y’know. I was getting pretty mad at Arsenal’s hesitation to score. JUST SCORE ALREADY! So easy like that… oops. When Waldcott scored the first goal, I was fist pumping in the air yo. It was such a moment, I could cry, but I had to stay cool. Towards the last 10 minutes of the game, the game was notched up with Arsenal ready to score another goal. And it was at the very last (I mean verrrrry last) that they scored. Baik pe, Welbeck (and ok, Ozil) I was jumping and screaming! Ho lord, I was over the moon for this win yesterday.

Arsenal, it was a good game. We are now second and only two points shy from being first. We can do this!


The winning pose. Luq needs to work on his winning pose, obvs.

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