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I have to sleep with spa music playing at the background every night now or this lady typing will be grumpy due to the lack of deep sleep. Yes, deep sleep. It’s not just 6-8 hours of sleep I’m talking about. I need 6-8 hours of deep sleep (actually I would settle for 4).

I’ve been ranting non-stop to Luq about being tired even after a full 8 hours of sleep. So I was lying down facing the ceiling on the foldable bed at Strip one day. While waiting for my Strip-er (lol) for my IPL session, I fell into a deep sleep which was only about a few minutes. How could that even happen? So I figured it must be my sleeping position.

So I decided to sleep facing up instead of to my side. I also notched it up by playing spa music at the background (why not). Oh boy, the results were almost immediate.

So I asked Luq to try it and he loves it too! He downloaded this app called Nature Sounds and it works too. I prefer to play the tracks from YouTube. It can run for up to 8 hours- perfect!

Did this again yesterday after not doing it for 1 week. I could really see the difference in my mood and energy level today. Amazing!

It’s not about getting enough sleep anymore, it’s about the quality of sleep that you’re getting every night.

Maybe I’ll try with candles some nights.

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