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Luq’s colleague got two extra tickets for this showdown (not quite the experience but I had to put something). This was probably my third time watching football live at the stadium. First being the one at Old Trafford and second, Emirates stadium. For someone who doesn’t really get football that’s quite something to brag about.

So I was half expecting to get the same type of crowd and rowdiness at Stadium station but no, most of us were walking to the stadium normally. When I was on my way to Emirates stadium, you could see hordes after hordes of fans outside making some weird noises, showing their unwavering supports to their teams. Or at least painted faces…


Singapore side of the field. EMPTY!


I was pretty thrilled to be amongst the crowd. Trying to soak into the atmosphere, I tried the occasional ‘boos’, ‘oh shit, phew!’ and some words of profanity that truly came out unintentionally. Guys, I was in the moment so, excuse me.

Half way through the match, I turned to Luq, feeling frustrated and said, “Hey question, is Singapore even playing? What are they doing? I mean why are they not moving forward with the damn ball?”

His reply, “Ok baby, you need to understand Japan is really good and Singapore’s standard pretty low.”

So why were we there? LOL. Ok to show my patriotism to this red dot of an island. This should be part of my hours for the community.


What NOT to expect at football matches in Singapore:

STANDING Because everyone sits down as if their butts are glued to the seats. At Emirates while watching Liverpool got thrashed by Arsenal (4-1), everyone was up and butts were off the seats. I even thought why bother with the seats. But then, it would look funny when there are no people in the stadium.

CHEERS I mean there were things happening at one section of the stadium, but it didn’t spread out to the top where I was seated. Ok we did the Kallang Wave which was cute, but we need more than this guys! Do they have Singapore Cheerleading squad? Or a mascot? The lion? I remember running to take a picture with Gunnersaurus (totally googled this up). They even have cheers for their teams and players. Like I was chanting to Opsina one time then, Giroud. I mean it was fun although it took me a while to figure out what they were saying.


It was freezing but oh boy, it was so worth it.

SCORES Just expect nothing from Singapore’s team. If they score, get yourself some brownies and mocha latte. If they don’t, it’s okay just keep telling yourself… one day. No surprises here, Japan scored 3 and we almost scored 2. Keyword: Almost.

HAPPY FACES It will be another 2 decades or more for this to happen.

We will get there… when I’m 70 years old. I am 25 going to 26 now.

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