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I guess having a full day to ourselves is becoming a foreign concept. Whenever such days come by, we would be wondering what we can do in this tiny island called Singapore. There are so many guides written on how to spend your time in Singapore. I came across a scary list of things to do … it said 52 things! G U L P ! When I scrolled down the list (thinking that I’d be ticking at least 3/4 of the list), I realise that there are so many things that I haven’t discovered about Singapore – guys, there’s a bloody crocodile farm near my house. So you guess it, I didn’t even make 20 ticks!

Hence, our decision to visit the National Museum of Singapore yesterday.

The day started early because Luq got off reservist duty at 8 in the morning. He fetched me from home at 8:45 am – I didn’t torture him by making him wait any longer than 5 minutes. Initially, I wanted to treat my tummy to the big breakfast at McDonald’s because I did run my ass off the day before (you are totally missing the point here). But, Luq was feeling a little under the weather (ugh!!!) and wanted something sick-friendly. Because I am awesome, he vetoed my first three suggestions until we settled for soya beancurd. I like soya beancurd so can’t complain.

Honestly, the heat in Singapore is getting too much for my liking (hi equinox, go away!). We couldn’t stand to be outside any longer than 5 minutes. I could only manage walking to the open carpark that was less than 50m from the mall. Remember how I mentioned before that Luq doesn’t do sun at all, ok his face was cramping up by then. I knew we needed to get in the car as fast we could before anyone of us melted!

Before heading off to the museum, I attended the conference organised by Oracle. Very insightful, but I wasn’t in the mood to get serious about my day. So I decided to leave after two sessions. You need a job soon Fath…

Because he was feeling a little unwell, he wasn’t as funny as he usually is. I know, I know, Luq funny … you must be kidding. He can be (at very rare times). At one point during the museum trip (I got a little conscious), I asked him if everything is okay because he doesn’t hug me randomly or fool around with me. But of course all was good, he was just a little sick. I’m still fun guys – he confirmed that 1 minute later.

Let’s be honest, the #1 reason we decided to visit the museum is because we (Singaporeans) enjoy free admission. With me not working, we need to be creative with our date ideas. I’m not really a history type person, but I guess I could use with some recap. Turned out, it was a major recap session. I got overly excited when I saw the term “Syonan-To” on one of the exhibit boards, because guys I know which period of Singapore history they are referring to (cues slow cap for me).

Moreover, yesterday was also LKY’s 1 year death anniversary. So it was kinda apt to reconnect with our history. Walking through the exhibition (we tried doing it chronologically – might skip some periods though), I can’t help feeling sorry for nations with centuries worth of history. Just think of their history textbooks. I could barely make it with ours at secondary level. Imagine memorizing case studies for history exams if you are studying in Egypt (!!!).

Of course we took silly photos for memories. I mean, let’s be real… museums can be pretty boring, not unless you take stupid pictures to make up for it.


I was afraid to get scolded for touching the exhibits hence, my awkward hand pose.


Unlike me, he was not pretending to read. Oh guys, I know that guy who is in the portrait (left). When I saw his name, I was telling Luq that he has a street in Johor and the description confirms it. Woah, I’m not that bad.


Pointless picture. I wanted to do a more glamorous pose, but Luq warned me to be normal.


Cool floor design of the map of Singapore streets! Telok Ayer because no reason.


“Because I work in Keppel” hence this picture was taken. Remember my issue about taking blurry photos? It happened again. Photography 101 happened after this was taken.


Hello from the other side.


Clearly, I ignored the “Do Not Touch” sign.


Any clubs hiring a bouncer? Want this guy?

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