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Luq and I are pretty on the ball with everything that has to do with our wedding preparations. We have settled most of the things before the deadlines we gave ourselves and we are most definitely surprised – who needs 2 years to plan a wedding, where did I read this from?

My wedding dresses are almost ready. We had our first fitting session and we were pretty relieved – more than pleased – with the outcome. There’s this unspoken expectation about wedding dresses. As much as I don’t want to care that much, I went on a frenzy mode to make sure the dresses I customized fit me nicely. I remember that one Monday after our first fitting session, I texted Luq about the changes that I MUST make to the traditional dress for lunch reception. Being the guy that he can be (mostly he’s not this clueless), he totally got the wrong section of the dress I was ranting about since 6 hours ago. Don’t go there.

He’s pretty sweet to make sure that I am 100% happy with my dresses. He tries, I can see that. Bless him for having to listen to my rants about ONE thing – be it major or minor – over a zillion times. I love you, Luq. Believe me, I can do that effortlessly.

So when we were shopping for his suit, I can’t help feeling a little guilty that he’s just buying it off the rack. We tried a few nonetheless. There were some really nice ones, but we weren’t feeling it y’know. He floated the idea of having it customized at one point. With the budget hanging above our heads all the damn time, I thought we have a fair chance of busting our budget under the outfit category – of which, most of it went to me! We probably might though. But it’s his wedding too and he should be spending more if he wants to. So we decided to have it customized and we saw some nice ones online that might fit the bill. Any recommendations for tailoring men suits in Singapore?

We are down to our single-digit months before our big day. We are getting helluva excited about it. I thought the idea of matrimony would scare me, but this feels wonderful. I can’t wait to see everything that we planned for on our big day.

Oh right, the hashtag is out: #fathiahXluqman. This is definitely official in the online world.

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  This one is mine for keeps

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