river safari in singapore

What… it’s only twosday?! Thank god, it’s a short week in Singapore since it’s the Chinese New Year weekend. Ilyas is flying back from Bangkok this Thursday. That should be a great weekend and a week! Sometimes, I can’t believe he’s left Singapore for almost 2 years now.


Anyway, I visited River Safari on Sunday. I thought it was pretty alright until one of my colleagues who is a mum of 2 started asking me questions such as how many animals did you see on the boat ride, were there any animal shows going on etc and I went, “well, you put it like that it’s not that fantastic, is it now?”. The highlights were seeing the jaguar on our boat ride and envying Jia Jia (one of the pandas) sleeping during mid-day. Man, those bears know how to live life to the fullest.

I guess the place can suck but, if you have a great company, you’re sorted.

Andddd, I have a thing for paws be it on cats or crocodile (check it out on my instagram).

It’s almost mid-week 🙂





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