reserved tank, you sure?

As you know, the price of petrol in Singapore is ridic. I still remember the first time we pumped full tank at SPC. Shocked was an understatement. I went, “that’s my lunch money for the week!”

Hence our decision to drive up to JB for petrol weekly (sometimes twice a week). It totally makes human sense to do that. Except now we have this bloody thing called Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) and it costs RM 20 per entry. I can only pray that the trial period fails and the Malaysian Government will abort it altogether. Actually, why are they bothered? I’m spending in your country and helping your economy!

Last Saturday morning, we planned to drive in to JB for petrol. We knew that we were left with reserved tank, but #yolo. Of course, we were well-aware of the fine that could potentially be imposed on us if we’re caught entering Malaysia with less than 3/4 tank. $500 only… Like that’s gonna stop us at all. We braved through the jam while happily watching Fresh off the boat (new addiction!). Then, the unthinkable happened. Right after clearance, the car decided to stop. So that’s what it’s like to have zero fuel left in your tank.

There was a freaking line behind us! Don’t panic, don’t panic. Ok, what should I do first? Call dad? No, he worries too much. Call Zai? Maybe he could bring petrol to us. Call tow truck? It’s gonna cost us so much!

After I deliberated with the thoughts in my head, I whispered to Luq, “Let’s call Zai because he can bring the petrol to us like how we did it when your bike was out of fuel”. Luq had that are-you-for-real look on his face and it’s my cue to let him handle the situation.

While we were in the tow truck heading towards the nearest petrol kiosk, I told Luq that we’ve been through shit together.

Hopefully, we learn this time around but I hardly doubt so.


Well, this actually happened to us.

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