ramadhan and its blessings

We’re at the mid-point of Ramadhan. Truthfully speaking, I looked forward to this holy month. Something about it gives me a sense of serendipity. Never mind the rush to break fast at home (the hustling is real in MRT), I find the greatest joy to break fast with my families. Luq and I made a point to break fast at each other’s house regularly– we do it alternately. Also, we realised that we managed to save quite a bit on our expenses too! How not to? We’re always heading to the mosque after break fast and knocking out after prayers. I’m telling ya, it’s cardio (and meditation, of course!).

Last Sunday, we broke our fast together with Luq’s mum and dad outside. My goodness, that reminded me why I don’t fancy doing that too often. Honestly, I’m quite a pest without food. You should stay clear of me during the last hour of fast. My parents who are very well-acquainted with my hunger pangs would leave me alone and won’t really push me to help out unless I offer. But of course, after break fast I would help with the cleaning. See, the power of food. There was once my mum commented how I was such a princess not helping to prepare the table. She got the silent treatment at dinner table. My dad, the mediator tried to appease me. Didn’t work until after terawih prayers. Don’t take offense if I flip out on you that last hour of fast! This is something that I need to change soon, especially when I have kids of my own. I can’t possibly not prepare the table because I have a troop of hungry people depending on me. Such a responsibility.

Preps for raya hasn’t kicked in yet. My parents are one of the laidback bunches who only start 1 or 2 days before raya. Lately, I’ve been helping around – vacuuming the house (damn the stairs, the only time I hate them!), polishing the wood furniture (if you’re wondering where half the amazon has gone to…), cutting vegetables for lontong (my mum only trusts me with cutting of vegetables) and the last bit of chore is showering the S E V E N monsters at home. The last one is trying because my cats have grown so big and strong. They can jump out of the shower enclosure. They would scratch me because they don’t understand the concept of being showered and the tiring banter I have to deal with (yes, my cats speak (meow) up).

For a long time, my mum doesn’t really busy herself baking trays after trays of cookies. She only makes one type – which is my childhood favourite – Kuih Cornflake. It’s a bitch to make, but really good to munch on. I could easily finish half a bottle at a seating! I guess, we will be at Johor soon buying all sorts of kuihs for our guests.

I wish you a fruitful Ramadhan (11 days to go!) ahead. May you find what you seek for in this holy month.

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