painting the backyard kinda saturday

We painted the backyard today. Thankfully the sun wasn’t out. It rained in the morning so we pretty much snoozed till noon. We had plans to get going at 11 am. Lol, we should stop trying to make plans in the weekends. It just won’t fly.

Anyways, the house needs some serious face lift. My dad is taking the house project one area at a time. He just refuses to pay someone else to do it for him. He’s hoping that his children will help him at some point of their lives. Well, it’s a good thing that his future son-in-law likes everything hands-on and I just get sucked in. Lol, very dependable horh you sayang.

So while we were hard at work, we had little furry spies checking us out. The nerve when they walked on the area we just painted- paw prints! But since it’s Ramadhan, I was patient and I just touched up on that area.

But you know deep down, I really adore them to bits. 

After 3 hours of painting (oh we’re very efficient), we washed his bike outside my house. Pipa (his bike, and I christened him) has been moody lately. Like yesterday, he was out of fuel and left us stranded in the middle of the road. So we thought we should give him extra TLC today by washing him clean. I really wanted to help but Luq was being annoying and told me that he’s tired trying to explain things to me. Lol, I can be annoying with my questions. Anyhoos, he gave me a role – to wipe his bike after the wash. It was fun helping out. We might even start a bike washing business. I can’t believe there’s none in Singapore!

Some pictures from today!









What a productive day it was!

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