Was in Girona last weekend and obviously, got lost trying to look for the most obvious monument in town – la cathedral. It was tucked very quietly at the back. Very solemn, I must add. While sitting in the cathedral (one of the oldest in Spain), I had an epiphany – I should visit a mosque soon. Been to at least 2 cathedrals since I arrived. The details put to the architectural designs of the cathedrals still amaze me.

    Anyhoos, heading to Madrid tomorrow on an overnight train from Girona. The last time I was on an overnight train I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed and didn’t get my hot tea in the morning, and that didn’t end well.

    Went to Cadaques today! It’s only 8km away from Port de la Selva, but if you take the bus, enjoy your 2-hr ride (ticket price: 9.95 euros one way). The weather was blissful today after such a crappy one for the last 3 days… consecutively! And… I had a decent conversation in Spanish earlier (finally!) while waiting for the bus in the blazing cold. Somehow, the word ‘frio’ (cold) came up after about each sentence (hah!).

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    port de la selva

    Port de la Selva is about 8km away from Llanca. You can take a bus there for 1.65 euros one way. You can find the bus schedule at the bus stop (very close to the beach). And Figueres, where Dali Salvador was born is also just a bus away – 4.65 euros one way (about 30-40 mins). The bus schedule is pretty tight better if you could mentally plan your trips to these towns one day earlier to avoid rushing through your showers or running for the bus (believe me, this town maybe small but, the uphills and downhills are enough to kill you).


    I thought that I should start blogging about my life. Oh! The disappointments, adversities, men, choices, what to do the next day, hair colours- very overwhelming, indeed. I am 24 and have lived my life since 5 years ago, or I thought that I have. Life is a dick and if all else fails, just suck it. 

    Who am I kidding? Life is a box of surprises. Well, at least, I have been surprised. When you start to let yourself take some crazy chances, trust me, some crazy shit will come back right at you- mostly pleasant, I hope.

    I have been learning to live my life to the fullest ever since Justin Bieber plastered tattoos all over his body, Miley Cyrus wrecked a ball and Lindsay Lohan finally turning a new leaf- these are recent events if you need to ask. Life is short, take the chances and sometimes, leave the consequences to later.

    At 24, I have pretty much done a lot because I chose to do the things that I have done. Of course, the list is endless. But, you do what you gotta do.

    & love, it will find you when the time is right.

    I am currently on my 3 months holiday – spoilt, I am. Staying at my aunt’s holiday apartment in Port de la Selva, Spain (Costa Brava). It’s not so much of a winter spot but, I will definitely come back for a summer vacation. I’ve been learning Spanish on my own with Elisabeth Smith- using the Fast Spanish Guide that I bought a while ago with the greatest intention to learn a new language. I am getting better at writing in Spanish- oh, not some fancy-ass sentences though. But, when I try to speak with a local, I get all clammy and start being cute- gets me by.

    I hope to find a tandem in the city or meet ANYONE to speak Spanish with.

    I will share some photos of my trip once I get a reasonable working network. Spain is a beautiful country from its people, food, history and culture. Just over a week ago, I was in Barcelona and I made my second visit to La Sagrada Familia. I was still amazed at the majestic architectural beauty of the cathedral. I would say “Jesus” but if my mum were to chance upon my blog, I wouldn’t hear the end of it.

    I guess this is enough for starters. I will be sure to update this space regularly with my 3G network coverage.

    PS: It’s freezing in here at 11 degree celsius with the wind blowing at 40 kph- that will literally blow you away.

    Buenos noches!