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I’ll be heading to Turkey on Saturday with On The Go tours. They specialize in tailor-made group holidays, great for travelling with your families- save the hassle of planning! I’m on this tour to check out if it’s suitable for my parents. They are planning a trip to either Spain or Turkey in summer next year. I love that they are finding the time in their busy schedules (mostly with cats!) to explore the world. It’s never ever too late to start :)I’ll be on 10 days Turkey Unplugged- mostly covering the main cities/ tourist spots. Click here for the full itinerary. And, as a birthday present to myself, I’ll be going up on the hot air balloon to enjoy the most-talked about view of Cappadocia! Will definitely do a shout out when I’m up there.

Here’s a short clip on what you can expect from On The Go Turkey. It’s normal to have some misconceptions of travelling on a tour such as not having the flexibility to go to some places, the fact that you need to follow a schedule, less adventurous (some may perceive) and many more.

I had that similar misconceptions before I travelled to Europe (my 2nd time) with Topdeck but, it’s a different sort of travel. It’s a kind of travel where strangers meet and be friends for a long time. I’m still in contact with some of my mates on Topdeck. It’s an amazing feeling to quickly bond with people from all around in that 1 bus- we all have one thing in common at that point of time; we want to see the world of possibilities. Here’s (video was put together by Trisyia) the video of my Europe trip with Topdeck.

Flight Centre (where I work!) offers these holiday tours. Try quoting my name (Fath! from Marketing) and they might surprise you! If you want to find out more, you can email us: or call us: 6692 9777. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook too: Flight Centre Singapore.

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