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Woke up today missing Bali… London… Ok quite frankly, all the places that I’ve left my footprints at. My recent trip to Bali (exactly a week ago) was let’s just say god knows I needed it. Bali has never quite etched in my memory from my last trip, but this time around it certainly did.

The 4 of us – Luq, Trisyia, Hakim (my brother) and myself – decided to go on a holiday together. We briefly sketched out the itinerary but more than anything, we were planning on #yolo-ing. Moreover, it was just a short trip and I’m never a fan of thinking too much on my holidays (except on my solo trip to Spain, I needed to).

I enjoyed my visit to Uluwatu the last time I was in Bali. So, the first day’s itinerary was pretty much the same as my last. Drove up to Uluwatu to catch the beautiful Balinese sunset and watched Kecak Dance (Fire Dance) which scared Luq and Trisyia a little bit (oh these #2607, can be quite scaredy cats). Oh Uluwatu, you’re such a grand beauty that you took my breath away the second time around. You’re naturally stunning… everything about you… the panoramic view of never ending horizon, the breeze from the ocean, the stillness when everyone just stopped to take in your beauty. I was happy to be here again with my favourite humans 🙂


Just look at that!!! It was ranked my top 10 places to end your life.


That is the face of pure bliss. Thank you Bali!

Onwards to our seafood feast at Jimbaran Bay, it was nothing short of marvellous. We sat by the beach with huge (I mean HUGE) waves crashing the shore. For someone who has this unexplainable fear of waves, I quite find the entire setting therapeutic. We ordered 2 types of fishes (only because Trisyia, the human cat was around), fried butter prawn (homg right?), squid cooked with flour (my other version of popcorn if you truly need to know) and Balinese style clam dish (it had a perfect mix of spiciness and juiciness). We spent about SG$130 for the dinner which wasn’t all that bad if you shared amongst 4 people!

Can I brag? We had a private pool in our villa (yes say nothing, a private pool). Lol, I think private pool villas in Bali are getting a little common, but who cares? Just knowing that you have a pool right outside your bedroom is something only the Joneses have in real life. Coming back to a 2-storey villa with a pool (Danoya Villa) was somewhat inviting. We whaled around in the pool past midnight before we were all red-eyed and on a sneezing frenzy. Self-reminder: If I were rich and can afford a home pool one day, there must be a water heater somehow!

The second day was spent at Nusa Dua Beach and Ubud (finally made it there after seeing countless images of Ubud on iStock for work). My brother has this thing about taking handstand pictures at the places he has travelled to. We did it in London, now we have definitely done in Bali too. But some muscle man he is, I won’t lie. Do you even have any ounce of fat in you? I’m not exactly a beach type of girl, but I did have fun just going into the water with my long flowy pants. Seriously, it dried up pretty quickly – that’s how hot it was. The beach was a little bit touristy if you ask me. I was looking forward to see an untouched type of beach scenery, but it would still be better than Palawan beach in Sentosa (Ok you need to step up!). We had tons of #gopro moments and Luq just found out that his go pro camera is waterproof (Ok I almost wanted to dunk his head in the water. Still love you).


How I love this man so 🙂

After lunch at Ibu Rai (en route to Ubud in the arvo – yummy food), we arrived at Ubud after 90 mins of driving from Seminyak. It was a little chillier in this part of Bali. I’ve always wanted to visit the padi terraces well you know after my visit to the tea plantations in Cameron Highlands eons ago – just seemed right to check out the padi terraces. The trail wasn’t easy. The steps… where do I begin… were not there in the first place! Someone was not at all dressed for this (by someone I mean Trisyia who wore a dress thinking it would be ok). Ok guys, this is important. Don’t think #nikerosherun is made for whatever and whenever. #struggleisreal for Trisyia. I had to hold her hands most of the time. I mean what would I say to my aunt if she’s down in the ditch?!


Padi girls at work. Such a natural!

When we got back to our villa (we called our home for the heck of it!), we rested for a bit and got changed for a fun night out. We ‘club hopped’ from Potato Head (it was nice but we wanted wild young and free scene), then we tried Ku De Ta (too pretentious and where was the party, it looked like someone just died there) and then, I convinced the boys (because they were yawning by then) to just go down to Legian (about 20 mins drive from Seminyak) where Sky Garden is at!

Ho boy, thought I’ve lost my youth after saying ‘I will more than ever want to spend the rest of my life with you’ to Luqman. Still got it guys! We partied for 3 hours before our knees were giving away! So pumped out with the crazy energies from the DJs and the dance floor. Of course, the company made a lot of difference! We were crazy bunnies even without alcohol – guys, we were so unaware of how maybe uncool we looked that night. It was our first time partying together – I have to say it was one of the best. After party food menu: Cup noodles, what a classic!

(Ok, this is a little long but I promise I’m nearing the end and pictures coming up soon!)

Of course we needed spa and massage right after one hell of a night, we made reservation at AMO Spa. We were all booked in for 90 minutes of goodness. They even let us choose our scent for spa. They came in cute names. I chose Minty Jo Jo and Luq chose Vanilla Love (He has this thing for Vanilla, what a plain boy). The service was great and the masseuses were friendly and professional. The spa parlour is very hip and trendy with a touch of mediterranean feel – think blue and white! I woke up feeling refreshed and not ready to go!

We had our farewell lunch at Bali Cafe. Here’s the thing, we stopped by the night before for a quick bite since we had late lunch. They have all types of cuisine, so we had a hard time choosing our food! So we decided on chicken quesadillas, smoked salmon with poached eggs, beef lasagne and maggi goreng Indon style. Ho boy, let’s just say it was enough to get us back there the next day for full-fledged lunch! Who knew Carbonara is best eaten by mixing a raw egg while it’s still hot! Major tip 🙂

Ok more pictures coming up! I hope you’ll enjoy them. I was too lazy to upload pictures from go pro – you know connecting to wi-fi, downloading, editing… too much work.


Sipping cold tea. Only god knows how hot it was!


Just us looking cool for a picture 🙂


Not staged. We are as loving as ever!


We will show our kids how adventurous we were before we have them. Yes, mummy and daddy climb up THIS HIGH you know! Imagine those eyes we will be laughing at!


Photographed by Luq. And I was thinking… what’s for lunch?


Awkward shots are when I ask him to look at me and he insists on smiling back to the camera. Like this one! Taken near the edge of the small cliff by Nusa Dua Beach.



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