my lippie

I was walking around a mall in JB today where I found the Revlon lippie that I’ve been using at Watsons. Of course I went in to check on the price because guys, it’s back to SGD 1 = RM3. So when I found out that it only cost RM30.80 (in Singapore, it’s retailing at $19.90), I dragged Luq in to make my purchase. He’s ma sugahdaddy so I kinda need his wallet.

For some reason, the plastic wrap on this lippie was impossible. Even after queuing up at the Pay Station while Luq collected the car and watching half an episode of Fresh off the boat in the car, I still couldn’t remove the plastic sheet!!! Luq noticed that I was having a difficult time trying to get the plastic off. After twenty minutes (ok fine, he was driving), he finally rendered help and I told him that I accidentally peeled my skin trying to get the plastic off. He did show a bit of care by telling me to find the plaster in his bag. The love…

So, he got the plastic off using his keys and left a little scratch on the cover. I was upset, but he told me to get over it and stop being dramatic. Now, I have to live with the little scratch on my lippie cover and god knows, I am anal about these things. He doesn’t get it.


Can you see it?


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