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For a long time I have been searching high and low for the perfect shampoo. Like all other things in life, this is proving to be quite a mission impossible. I am certain it is my hair. I have tried the cheap ones from superstores to the ones recommended by my stylist. Speaking of my stylist, I have not been going over to get my hair done because the girl needs to save and the thought of splurging a couple of hundreds to pamper my hair monthly seemed careless. Seriously, #whatishappening to me. One time, when I wanted to trim my bangs not at my usual salon, the hairdresser looked at my hair unimpressed of course and asked if I have given birth before because I am losing hair. I hate the salons you are supposed to make me feel good!

I have been reading up about home hair remedies. For one, they look pretty doable. What’s so hard about cracking an egg on your head? Lol, I did not try that one yet! For another, they are definitely cheaper alternatives. I mean my dad goes to the grocer to get eggs every other day. I do not even need to spend money to pamper my hair! Gold!

That would be something I’ll do in the future, not ready to be spreading egg on my hair.

In other news, I have been using aloe vera gel to boost my hair growth – in volume and thickness. I need the extra length for my wedding updo. My hair grows at the rate of a snail crossing the road. W O L S! But when I was looking back at some photos – the one before the proposal – my hair did grow from a short bob to what it is now. So I should just give it some credits. PLUS, I have stopped colouring my hair to Luqman’s delight. In fact, I stopped doing damage to my hair after we got together. I’m tellin’ ya, there’s something about this dude.

So going back to aloe vera gel, when I first started I applied more frequently than I do now – twice a week, now just once a week. Even that I can be pretty lazy. THINK wedding updo. I bought the gel from Watsons. It’s called Aloe Vera Gel (lol you cannot get it wrong!). Because everything starts with the scalp, I massage my scalp first with the gel and slowly I comb the gel down to my tresses. Well, I try to cover every inch of my hair but at times, laziness gets the better of me. Cin cai lahh! I have been doing this for close to 3 months now and I am telling ya, it works. My hair now looks healthier and fluffier and…… LONGER. Soon enough with much diligence, I can achieve my #hairgoals – VS model hair here I come. Ok, hold my horses.


Totally woke up like this.

This remedy was actually recommended by Luq’s cousin’s girlfriend. She fb messaged me after seeing my post about What shampoo do you use for your hair on instagram. Thank you Penny! Give it a go ladies. The medium size bottle of Aloe Vera Gel (Fruit of the Earth brand) is selling at $13.90 (at Watsons).

Here’s to healthier hair – because you will feel good when you look good 🙂

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