my favourite hug yet


Just a few days ago, Luq participated in his company’s singing competition, K(eppel)-Star Search and he contested against 10 others. I was pretty nervous for god knows what reason… maybe seeing him on stage each time makes me a little shy inside. You tend to do/feel weird things when you’re in love- this I can vouch for.

I wouldn’t say he worked extra hard for this because most of his time was spent with me when he was supposed to be practicing- I mean what can you do when you’re fun to be around with. But, he did put his A game that night and totally deserved to win. He bagged second place and $3,000 in cash (all of it to me, I wish!!) Who cares, it feels like first!

During his final mass performance, I ran up to the stage with a bouquet of flowers which his friends got for him and got stopped by the bouncer when I was about to get on stage. What an anti-climatic situation! Somehow, I still managed to get on stage and he gave me the best hug ever…yet 🙂

What a juvenile post but I did feel like a teenager in love that night.

And to you, you’ll always be my favourite singer and you can count on me to be your no.1 fan even though I can never get the pitches right and should only be allowed to sing in the shower.


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