my buggers

Here are 2 of my 7 cats at home. Ok, don’t start with the number. It’s all my mum. She does this thing where she starts something and doesn’t stop. Such as taking cats into our home. She has the wildest vision of transforming our home to a cat café. Ok, good luck me!

That’s Chandler (the dark brown/green) and Viserys (the orange).


My mum is convinced that they’re cousins as told by the person who gave them to her. They’re pretty close to each other. V would shamelessly drop himself on Chan Chan and they could be sleeping like that for hours. Chan Chan would occasionally lick V and I’d be looking at this weird brotherly love between them.

Funny how my cats keep my family together and sane, if I should add. I love coming back home to them. Even if we have to fight over food. Oh yes, have I mentioned that my parents regard us as equals? There were so many occasions in my life that left me dumbfounded.

1: “Ayah, Cooper pee on my bag!! I’m so angry.” “Don’t scold him. He’ll sulk”

2: “Gandalf nak makan ikan?”(Gandalf do you want to eat fish?) “Fathiah, are you done with your fish? I want to give Gandalf”

And many more! Well, can’t say that I don’t look forward to such weird conversations with the humans in my house about my cats. More cat tales soon, I promise!

On another note since Ramadhan is here, I would like to wish a blessed Ramadhan ahead to all Muslims around the world. In Shaa Allah 🙂

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