morning blues

I’ve been feeling just a little off tangent lately. At one time, I was actually blaming my pillow that I just bought a month ago for my morning blues. Monday blues are no longer valid in my dictionary now because everyday is blue-y – what does Garfield have to say about this now? Maybe, he would agree with me.

It doesn’t help that the weather calls for some cuddles under the duvet. What is this rule that we need to work in life? I should be devising a plan to make money from bed… I need a plan. And these voices in head, they’re absolutely entertaining. So many times, I envy my 7 cats at home. Don’t judge, 7 is just a number, like your age!

My boyfriend and I are pretty sick of eating out. We’re terribly disappointed that our sushi bar was closed when we got there. I needed some wasabi shooting action through my nostrils. That didn’t happen. So, we settled for western food at Mad Jack. That was surely the first and last time there. What was up with the fries and the burger patty… my boyfriend was just amazed at how I was still talking and munching down his burger patty. Even, Garfield would be disappointed with the beef lasagna.

& he got me dried cranberries for snacking in the office. What a sweetheart šŸ™‚

He sends me picture of the oil rig that he’s in charge of every other day. It’s quite interesting seeing how I’m just typing away for 8 hours straight in bright, air-conditioned office. And when I asked him about his day at work, he could summarize it in 5 mins while I would go on in episodes about my day in the office. How interesting can my day be in the office… pretty interesting, apparently.

I’m dreaming about the weekends already. Maybe, I want to go for Annie Leibovitz exhibition this Saturday… let me run by the idea with Luq šŸ™‚ And, I’m mentally planning a trip in my head. I’m lying… actually make that tripS.

Have a good week everyone. Learn to love every bit of yesterday, today and tomorrow – I should tell myself that or paint this on my bedroom wall X

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