“milo jumbo after swimming is always a good idea”

So we have been swimming weekly lately and it feels good. At first, I didn’t totally like the idea because swimming wasn’t exactly a sport that I was any good at. The first few times we swam together at Safra Toa Payoh, I couldn’t help but noticed how effortless Luq made swimming seem like. I almost swore that he grew gills somewhere on his body or something. Unlike me, I was stopping mid-way to catch my breath in the Olympic-sized swimming pool which looked like a bloody ocean to me.

So one day, I asked Luq how did he make it seemed so easy. He was obviously gloating quietly (don’t think I don’t know). Then, I showed him how I would normally swim and he told me that I wasn’t breathing properly in the water. Right – I don’t need gills apparently – just my mouth and nose, totally human. He taught me how to breathe in the water and practiced with me until I got the hang of it.

I tried my first lap with my newly found breathing technique and was totally surprised how I lasted a lap long! That was some kind of a wicked #achievementunlocked moment. From then on, I keep pushing myself to break my own records in the water – okay not Tom Daley or Michael Phelps level yet. Our second last swimming session, I managed to swim 1 lap without stopping mid-way. Did this 10 times which is equivalent to 10 laps (which in Luq’s world, it was 5 laps – it’s okay, just technicalities). Yesterday, I managed to complete TWO laps at a time without stopping mid-way and did it for 12 times!

Luq was extremely proud of me that we settled for dinner of my choice that was C H E E S E P R A T A. We also ordered M I L O J U M B O because we remembered Milo advertised its drink as an energy drink with a guy swimming competitively when we were much younger – how apt! Y’all remember not? 


Faces of champions. Right…


Right after this shot, he told me how this is best milo he’s ever tasted. It’s more like you’re very thirsty baby. I tried and it tasted the same as how I usually make my milo. Pfft.

Anyway after swimming, we did some abs exercises and it was grueling – don’t think I need abs that badly. Thanks Luq, you’re on your own for this one.

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