meatball sliders … hungry yet?

So my sister and I finally did it. We finally made it into the kitchen and got our hands dirty. We’ve been talking about baking or cooking for years now. The last time we had a baking session – which we can’t take credits for because it was Betty Crocker the entire time – was more than five years ago. We wanted to say life happened, but really, it was just pure laziness.

Hence, yesterday was such a remarkable turn for our sisterhood. Not only did we stay in the kitchen for more than 2 hours, we got our own groceries too (and paid for them). We sneakily bought Nutella & Go! only because it was on offer – how can you say no to 4 for $5 when it usually goes for $1.90 per packet! You just don’t and deal with the calories later. Or not… whatever.

Our four all-time favourite ingredients are (not in particular order because honestly, it feels wrong to rank them in any order) egg, potato, cheese and meat. So last night’s menu got three out of four. We were asking Siri a few domestic questions – how is Siri more Martha Stewart material than we are? – such as how much normal salt to use if we are not using Kosher Salt. Y’know that type of smart kitchen questions. Siri also confirmed that Canola Oil is just the more expensive version of vegetable oil (supposed to be healthier – but whateves).

We used BuzzFeed’s recipe only because the video posted looked super easy (unlike my unsuccessful nutella stuffed cookie recipe). The first part of the ordeal was to make the mixture for the meatball. Can I say something? Basil leaves make everything taste better – I am in love! After which we gumpal (direct translation: make it into a ball) the meat into balls. By this time, both of us were feeling optimistic and bloody hungry – it’s the basil leaves! The frying of the meatballs was a little challenging. Somehow our balls disintegrated a little bit unlike what we saw on the video. Could it be that we needed to put one more egg into the mix? Any idea? But we managed to revive our meatballs and still made it look like clumps of meat (not so ball-ish by that time).

The next part of the ordeal had us making our own garlic butter mixture. Guys, I can finally declare that I can make my own garlic butter dip/spread and meatballs. *I know right…flips hair*. It was the best feeling ever learning to make your own food. I can finally bid adieu to the meatball sub at Quiznos (because I’m very conscious of eating halal food now).


Them delicious buns. Oh la la la!

We gave our parents the first batch which was a little burnt but tasty. Ha ha di ha ha. The second batch came out with the right amount of burnt on the bun. They loved it and we even got a compliment from the chef of the family herself – maybe we can make our own marinara sauce next! That was some good (and rewarding) dinner I had.


My partner in crime since … well she was born.

So long restaurants, I am kicking up a storm in my kitchen – says me never.

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