maple oat cookies

I’ve been wanting to eat them delicious cookies! Since I’m on my long maternity leave (baby, can you come out now?), I figure that I should bake instead. I scoured online for the perfect (by perfect, I mean the simplest) recipe. I found one on Martha Stewart’s website (you can find it here). It looked pretty easy. All I needed to do next was to get the ingredients and that’s what I did.

I dragged Luqman to Cold Storage with me to get all the ingredients for my long awaited maple oat cookies yesterday. We got all that we needed in 30 mins – talk about efficiency. As soon as we got home after the long and torturous (it was scorching hot yesterday) walk, I went straight into the kitchen and took out all the baking essentials. Luqman helped me out with the batter since he’s all about measurements and its accuracy.

We followed the steps on the website – even watched the video before we started to be doubly sure. After we mixed the oat mixture into the mixer with sugar and butter, we realised that the batter was… not doughy enough. So, I suggested to add more flour when I had absolutely no idea if that would help. In the end, Luqman decided to put the batter in the freezer first.

“Y’know the climate in Singapore and in the western countries is different hence, it affects the outcome of the batter”
“Hmmm, okay”

I waited patiently for the batter to harden before I rolled them into small cookie balls. I started with a small batch to experiment. After heating in the oven for 11 mins at 175 degree celsius, the cookies looked flat. I was pretty crushed and decided to try again after break fast.

The second batch turned out flat too. So, I googled on how to make sure your cookies don’t go flat while baking. Apparently, there were a lot of forums on this topic. Suddenly, I didn’t feel like such a loser – it is a legit baking problem, guys. Most of the forums concluded that it is either over-mixing or the butter is too soft.

Butter is too soft.

Now, I have the horrendous weather to blame for it.

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