Apparently having some man-time is crucial for the boy in a relationship. It is like an escapade for them – a time when they are free to use funny words when they speak to their other guy friends. I have very clearly told Luq that he’s not allowed to speak to me that way! I just find it a tad uncomfortable with their choice of words (no I’m not a saint, but it’s just weird!). He usually never uses these words on me, but sometimes they kinda slip.

As much as I would love to have Luq all to myself, I need to understand his need to kick some balls and be with the boys. Being with a girl all day, every day can seem a little daunting. So he gets 1 day every week to play soccer with his friends. On this day, for that 2 hours, I will not hear from him … at all. Like, right now.

Secretly, I think he looks forward to this 1 day a week ritual more than he does for dinner dates with me. He would tell me about his soccer games and I would have to appear interested, so much so that I feel so much for Arsenal now (!!!!) – HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN? 

Today, I had half a mind of driving up to surprise him when I realized that his game was all the way in Jurong West – it’d be better if it’s at Jurong East. So ‘skay I’d just wait for him to call me soon.

So girls, just give that time of the week for your man. He’ll come back happier and wouldn’t take much for you to convince him to take you out shopping too 🙂

On a lighter note, Friday is swinging in and I am welcoming the looooooong weekend with open arms. Come to mama…

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