luq’s an uncle

So my darling boo is a proud uncle of Baby Eliza Sophia. She is such a cutie pie. She is mostly sleeping these days with occasional whimpers whenever we pat her to wake up. Yeah guys, can you just leave me alone? I heard from her mummy and daddy that she is a night owl – no sleep for mummy and daddy it seems. That’s pretty much written all over their faces when I came to visit on Saturday.


I mean look at that! How can I not fall in love with this man right here?

But when you look at her, you’d be cooing in awe – God is truly the greatest.

I won’t say that I am all ready to mummy-up (there’s the wedding first). I mean I’m still getting goosebumps just reading about pregnancy alone. This kinda thoughts only come up in the middle of the night, so Luq would receive random warning (still with love) texts from me about how he should never leave my side when I’m in labour – oh god I will be this whiny preggy lady – Luq you’ve been warned. But despite all that, I’m very excited to start a family with Luq. He would make a great father to my kids (I have said this too many times, sorry but you know I think he will). There are days where I wonder if our babies are going to get his nose or mine (please not let it be mine) or my sense of humour (because mine’s way better than Luq’s, he is more lame than funny lol) or my hair or his. Whatever they come out to be, I know that I will love them with all my heart. The fact that I am already talking about them even before they are born shows something – woah mother instincts kicking in.

I think motherhood (or parenthood) is something that I would love to experience in my life. I was my mother’s nightmare but I bet she loves me unconditionally. I want to know what that is like. To love someone without rhyme or reason. I think it is something very beautiful.

To mummy’s future kids (this will be where I jot down all our sweet memories in the future),

 I will love you and I don’t need a reason to do so.


Your mummy who’s crazy enough to write about you even before you are born

Anyway, welcome to the world Baby Eliza Sophia. Your aunty and uncle will surely be spoiling you. You will find your adventures in this life. Can’t wait to watch you grow up!

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