london callin’

I really need a holiday soon. I’m heading to London (my fav city in the world!) this Spring with my lover boy. Finally, we can put the Go Pro to good use!

Any ideas on places that would be great for video shooting? We’re thinking of making our own Save The Date video in London. That boy has some silly ideas of remaking music videos – we’ll see!

I’m already dreaming of London – can’t wait to be invited by the crispy, chilly wind in Spring while enjoying a cuppa. Got an apartment in Brixton at a steal for 8 nights from Airbnb – just about a few stations away from Oxford Circus which is really convenient. Our first stop of the trip will be Primark to stock up on cold weather wears – super excited to go shopping with my mister because he’s got an eye on what’s really good on me. We’re so doing #lootd (london outfit of the day)!

I don’t know why I’ve agreed to pay for the tickets to watch Arsenal VS Liverpool at Emirates Stadium – probably gonna cost me! But that’s ok, it’s the boy’s dream to watch a live match in Emirates Stadium. I hope one day he can snag some tickets for me to watch Victoria Secret’s Fashion Week! We’re also planning to go to Hogwarts because I didn’t manage to get there on my last London trip!

Before we even get on the plane to London, both of us are going to have a few pretty busy weeks. Until then, we shall be patient. God knows, both of us could you a good and quiet holiday. Ahhh, business trip to Brisbane next week- unlikely to be a cruising one, I reckon!

Till the next update, toodles

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