lift situations are tricky

I was in the lift with some others in the building. Sometimes, I have a habit of just walking straight into the lift without pressing the button to my office floor. Well, today I did. The lift first stopped at level 22, then 24, 25, 26 and naturally, I figured someone would be stopping at level 27. Not looking at the panel where it showed the level the lift was at, I just stared blankly at the opened lift door, not recognizing that I’ve reached my office at level 28. The lift didn’t stop at level 27.

There were about 5 others left in the lift looking at who would be exiting next and the person didn’t show up (oh hi, still not awake). Not wanting to look super uncool, I tried to pretend that I was totally going for level 29. Thankfully, level 29 is still part of my office,  just that I had to climb down the stairs to level 28 after that.

Looking cool is everything.

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