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Hoping to start a brand new week right by blogging about what happened in the past two weeks. So what happened?

Let’s see, I started a new job. After being unemployed for two months, I am finally back in the 9-5 grind. Excited as I was, I caught myself dreaming about my potato couch days in the office. It was just me, Netflix and the sofa (and my grandpop who sat on my opposite, totally judging me for the fine woman I’m becoming). I find myself scrambling for time to relax, do my house chores (read: the piling laundry), spend time with my family and Luq. The need to strike that balance is necessary, but challenging. Nevertheless, I’d try my best like vacuuming the house in the middle of the night (if not, when is a better time?). Work has been … well, work. I’m still getting to know the group’s dynamic and trying to fit myself in. I’ve made some friends who are, apparently, at least 4 years younger than me. So tell me now, how do I not feel old. On my first lunch with them, they asked if I have a bf. Err, how about I am getting married in 3 months? And two weeks into my new job, IRAS sent me a letter in the mailbox asking me to pay for my income tax… can you give this girl a break? There goes the birthday surprise for Luq. Sorry baby, maybe next year 🙂

Exactly a week ago, I appeared on TV for Channel 5’s game show – Don’t Forget To Remember. I shared my audition experience here before – such a wild experience being on TV guys (lol!). Surprisingly, I didn’t feel nervous (what a natural). Ha ha di ha ha. Although we didn’t get to bonus round, I think we did pretty well – we were just shy of $50 from winning (and that’s just worth ONE question). I’m totally cool about the loss. So cool about it. Ok I lied, it took me a few days to get over it. We could’ve nailed the bonus round question(!!!). Anyway (still trying to get over it), I thought it’s cool that I could tell my future kids that I appeared on TV before (with dad of course… evidently). If you want to watch me in action, you can click on this link.

In the past two weeks, I’ve also lost one of my aunts to cancer. I’m glad that I managed to see her before she was admitted to the hospital where everything just went downhill from there. It was sad seeing her fight for her life, but Allah knows best. It was a trying moment for my family especially my dad. I’m so relieved that I could stand by him till the very end. I have to also thank Luq for being there for my family. You’re definitely for keeps my darling. I love you this much and I think you know that already. That reminds me of how fragile and short life can be. We should learn to live every moment wherever possible. I know it’s easier said than done, but we have to at least try. May Allah grant my aunt a place in his paradise and protect my loved ones wherever they are. In Shaa Allah.

Yesterday… yesterday got me sweating buckets in my jumpsuit. My god, bless the heat in Singapore. Of all times, my car battery decided to die on me yesterday. This was obviously our first time facing such a problem and who else did we call if not my dad. Thankfully, the car started again as soon as we gave it a jumpstart. That brings me to remind ourselves the importance of having an emergency car fund. You just never know when this occurrence is going to take place. Owning a car in Singapore is costly. We spend about $1.4K monthly on our car. Sure, we get to enjoy the convenience of getting around, but still… When we were deliberating to get a car, we thought that we might as well start now so that we can get used to the routine (bye bye shopping money). We know at some point in our lives, we would need a car especially after having kids in the future. Start early, they said and that’s what we did.

So here’s to a brand new week and a new month in 2 days. 11 weeks to #fathiahxluqman, now that went by quickly.

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