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I have not been updating my life here because typing is hard work – what pregnancy does to you! Jokes aside, fatigue from pregnancy is real so is pregnancy brain. All I could muster after a day’s work is lying down on my bed doing absolutely nothing. Believe me, I counted down to my maternity leave since week 10. Initially, I wanted to start my maternity leave at week 38 but, nah that so not happening! That being said, tomorrow is my last day in the office. I cannot be any more proud that I made it this far – being pregnant and working full time can be quite a feat.

My third trimester proves to be some roller coaster ride. My portfolio at work doubled up because two of my colleagues left at the same time. On top of that, I am dealing with being tired all the time (and the baby’s kicks). Even so, I keep telling myself to take everything in my stride because ain’t gonna quit when I’m already this far. I have already signed myself up for pre-natal yoga classes which starts tomorrow, got some books to read and a list of shows to catch up on. The next few weeks will be about me!

To sum up, my pregnancy journey has been a quite a pleasant one. My morning sickness went away as soon as I entered second trimester. Luqman enjoyed my second trimester most because my mood was lighter – we even managed to squeeze two travels in. He was bummed out that it ended, eventually. Well, the third trimester has been rather interesting. We started to prepare the essentials for the baby which was exciting. His papa went overboard if you ask me – I will get to that in a separate post! Also, the baby’s kicks started to grow stronger that I thought I had mild contractions. The kicking can be quite annoying and uncomfortable, if I’m being super honest. I’ve lost count the number of times I peed in my panties because of the kicking!

So… last Saturday, some of my favourite people planned a surprise baby shower for me. Because of my obsession with animals, the theme was safari. Luqman told me that we are going for a staycation at The Quincy Hotel that weekend. Seeing how I needed a break badly, I loved the very idea and did not ask a lot of questions since it’s paid for. While he was coordinating the whole thing on that Saturday morning, I was at home watching Netflix and taking my own sweet time to get ready. Being pregnant has it perks, I tell ya.

As soon as we arrived at the hotel, he was busying himself with getting checked in. To think of it, why would he need to check in since everyone was already in the room! When we got to the room, I couldn’t open the door because it was locked and I heard the sound of feet shuffling from the other side. Hah! Nevertheless, it was so good to see everyone I love in that small room with colourful balloons and streamers. The decor was on point. I loved it very, very much. Thank you guys 🙂

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