life after the wedding

How time flies. It’s been almost 3 months since we got married – no one is dead yet, kidding. Getting into the routine of things took us some time. Well, we know that it isn’t going to be easy, but we also know that it won’t be that hard either. Just take some getting used to (at least, that’s what we tell each other all the time).

Things like, the doubling pile of laundry, the constant yakking coming from me about leaving hair/dust on the wet toilet floor and the wet sink (I still don’t get it!). These are just some of it. Also – Luq freaked out at how OCD I am about our room – just our room. There was once, I looked conflicted before leaving our room and he asked why. So I said, “the dresser is really messy… you didn’t place your ring box properly”. I guess you still learn new things about your partner every day.

The Laundry

Before I got hitched, my laundry routine used to be once every week or two sometimes. Today, it’s twice a week and it comes in two batches. It’s amazing how many clothes we wear in a week – too many! I even told Luq to cut down the number of times he changed his clothes in a day which he did and got himself rashes on his skin. Such is my life. Can you imagine how my future kids are going to be like? Throwing bathroom towels in the washer every day because of the possibility of skin condition, much thanks to their dad. Anyway, we’re getting better at this now. We have a system now, so that both of us won’t get too tired doing laundry. He puts the dirty clothes into the washer and hangs them to dry whereby, I fold the clothes and put them in the cupboard. There… teamwork. I still wish we would invest in a dryer soon though.

The Wet Sink

Usually, I brush my teeth, shave my body parts and all the bathroom stuffs in the shower area because I like to keep my sink area dry. But, not my husband. He washes and shaves his face at the sink area hence, making the area wet. I get so annoyed by it, but learning to let it go because he needs the mirror to shave his face. Unless, I’m okay with him growing his beard out which I’m not! *Breathes in and out, and keep telling yourself water evaporates.”

The Dirty Dishes

I grew up in a household where you washed your own plates and cups. I remember my mum putting up a laminated notice near the sink to remind us to wash our own dishes when we were younger. Naturally, I get annoyed when Luq leaves his dirty dishes in the sink like it is nothing. Like excuse me, can’t you just wash your own plates? Then, I realise it’s because his mum does the dishes at home because she’s a bit of an OCD when it comes to cleaning and he’s gotten used to just leaving the dishes in the sink out of habit. This habit that I am determined to kick in the nuts! Well, I will not mind cleaning it up when I’m already on it. But, not when you don’t see me doing it and just leave it there for me to clean it up after you. He’s learning. Yesterday, he cleaned up after dinner without having me to give him the deathly glare.

We are still learning to live with each other. Despite all the things that he does that annoy me, I still love and adore him. I got used to the fact that my husband needs a clean bath towel every day – and most probably my future kids too. At the end of the day, he is still the one person I want to be happy and crappy with – isn’t that what makes a good marriage?

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