last weekend

I am already missing the weekend I had with my family. These past few months, I have enjoyed my time with my family. When I was still wild and free (lol!), my weekends were usually packed with nights out with friends and before I realized, it would be Monday again!

So I appreciate my mellow weekends now, rest and teevee shows are my weekend priorities. Even laundry only made it to #3.

I intended to go for a short hike with my girl cousin on Saturday morning- you know, healthy living *coughs*. But the haze situation happened and our plan b was to drive out to a prata house instead. Again, priorities gone wrong. 

But that didn’t happen too because grandpops was not feeling too well and we were on granddaughter duty until I had to fetch my boy from work for his friend’s wedding. I’m so bored with weddings now, even mine. Meh!

Of course I wore something from my sister in law’s wardrobe- shameless- and Luq wore shirt and pants which I thought he looked good in. He normally would take a longer time to style his hair than me. So I would just watch him and occasionally handed out my brush to him- you know team work, trying to speed things up by a notch! Still don’t fancy wedding…

After the wedding, we went to a mall and realized we did not need anything urgently. So we ended up just going up and down the escalator and stole some hugs and kisses from each other like teenage kids in love. Escalators are meant for this! Then, I drove him to Turf City from Tampines (that’s love) for his soccer event with his colleagues.

Started missing him right after we parted… yeah, we are stuck to each other like super glue.

So my brother, Dal and Khai decided to head out for the night. We went to Dal’s Aunt’s shop at East Village because she was collaborating with a Malaysian Designer and Dal had to make an appearance. Saw them doing what fashion bloggers are doing these days- taking photos for Instagram. It was nice to see their world a for a bit. Well for me, I am just enjoying free wardrobe from Dal 🙂

And that was only Saturday… I will continue for Sunday later (that is if I remember).

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