last weekend (part two)

I stayed up talking to Khai on Saturday night. It was nice, just like old times. We used to have sleepovers when we were younger (we thought we were all grown up even then). We could talk about anything under the sun. I realize that this will be the last year for them to have sleepovers at my place. Once I get married, I have a permanent bed partner who I am pretty sure will not be pleased to be giving up his bed space for anyone else.

I do not know how many people can say this, but my bestfriends are my cousins and siblings. Plus, no hustle about meeting outside. I mean we do at times, but we often find ourselves either coming home in time for Cik Lina’s food or go out after eating her food. Weekend is not complete without HER FOOD (!!!).

And after a long time during Hari Raya visiting in Johor, some of the cousins gathered and rehashed our childhood memories by playing UNO Championship. It was too hilarious and god, how did we let Unkle played us up…. Even until today. THAT.ASS.

Anyway, I sent Khai home before fetching Luq from Panic Room. He has his favourite barber now who understands his head shape. He has been borrowing my hair tie and even took my headband. All I am going to say is that his long hair has to go before the wedding. I.HAVE.THE.LAST.SAY! We were both craving for some prata and curry for breakfast. Initially, we wanted to go to Al-Azhar at Tampines but, I took the wrong exit and we ended up at Casuarina Curry at Upper Thomson Road. Oh, the paper thosai was really good. It hit all the right spots.

And, we found this gem beside the resto, Biscuit King where they sell our childhood biscuits, sweets, chocolates, toys, younameit. Took a stroll down memory lane and it was nice sharing the silly things we did when we were kids. What a lovely childhood I had, I am very grateful for this. And you know what is even weirder than Miley Cyrus confused sexual orientation? Luq did not know about block catching, colour catching, blind catching and god knows what else! Anyway, we bought Gotcha ice cream- or I would call it “traffic light ice cream”. What joy!


The rest of the day was spent with my family, wedding plans, F1 and cats.

I hope your weekend was as lovely. Have a great week ahead!

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