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I just came back from Kuala Lumpur (KL) recently for my cousin’s wedding. Luq and I thought of making a short weekend getaway out of it too. Honestly, I can’t seem to handle going away for just the weekend anymore. It’s actually pretty tiring – especially the part at the airport. I was pretty knackered when we touched down on Sunday evening (and hungry too!). I used to dream about travelling to somewhere nearby with my kids in the future at least once every two months. I will need to relook into this again. L A U G H O U T L O U D!

What I love most about KL is the food. I enjoy not worrying about looking for halal joints because there are aplenty. Unkle took us (my brother, Trisyia, Luq and I) to Bangsar Village for lunch. I love the mall. It’s not crowded and easy. By easy, I mean it has only three floors. God knows I could get lost in Pavilion KL. We had a good catch up over lunch at Wondermama. The food was alright – I ordered Maggi Goreng – the most expensive I ever had (RM 17.90). But, it wasn’t mamak (direct translation: Indian) enough for me. In fact, it’s cooked in Chinese style. Some things I like it Indian style. After lunch, we went over to FashionValet outlet. I have to say I’m quite impressed with the overall look and feel of the store (location could be better). It definitely screams Vivy Yusof in every corner – classy, elegant yet playful. I loved the carpeted floor. When we were there, they were showcasing Tunku Tun Aminah x Jovian collection. Such a pretty collection! *sobs*

We pretty much slept through the afternoon after checking in (Invito Hotel Suites). The heat took a toll on all of us. It was another level of hotness in KL. I was totally baked by the time we got into our room. When we woke up, our tummies growled and off we went for dinner (our parents were elsewhere, god knows). Before dinner, Luq went to shop for his brown pants while I tried on a leather dress from Zara. Ha ha di ha ha. We were craving for a meaty dinner and found ourselves at T.G.I.F just because it’s not halal in Singapore. We had a meat galore – happy tummies right after that. And how can you not end the night with Shisha? So we tickled ourselves with Double Apple. It was my brother’s virgin try at shisha. Luq had a one-on-one with him about smoking a hookah. Luq, luq… We captured our hookah moments on Boomerang and it was hilarious. Amir joined us past 12 – my god, I was struggling to keep my eyes open by then. We stayed up until 3:30 am and it was such a bad, bad idea because we had to be at the wedding at 12 noon the next day. Some things we never learnt.

I will share some pictures from the wedding – my brother’s camera is super brilliant. Somehow everyone looked like a million dollar.


Before the wedding, we had to stop by SOGO to buy an inner wear for me because my boobs were showing too much wearing this top.


My (forever) date.




The girl cousins + baby Hannan.


Ok, picture is a little blurry :/

On our last day in KL, we had lunch at Boat Noodle (at last!). Something that every Singaporean that I know would rave about when they’re in KL and it didn’t disappoint. The Thai Iced Tea was exceptionally good – the blend of milk and tea was to perfection. Personally, I prefer spicy to everything else. So I enjoyed the spicy beef and chicken noodle very much. The non-spicy ones didn’t tickle my fancy that much. Of course, I took a selfie with our stacked bowls.


While it was a rushing weekend, I surely did have a great deal of fun with my family in KL. Special thanks to my dearest Unkle and Amir who drove us around from one place to another. I can’t wait for my wedding now where everyone will be in the same place again!

We celebrated Luq’s mama’s birthday yesterday at Royz et Vous. While the service is a little slow in my opinion, the food was delicious. I guess you can’t really get the best of both worlds. I ordered Beef Bolognese because I’ve had so much meat already in the weekend. The ribs are highly recommended. I stole a few bites from Luq’s papa’s plate and the meat was succulent and soft. Normally, I don’t fancy ribs because of the smell but THIS! You should just try it. Anyway, Luq and I are trying this thing to psycho Eliza to think that we’re the best uncle and aunt around. We tried making funny noises in front of her face. She laughed for a tiny moment. We tried to crack a joke. She didn’t budge at all. I had a mini conversation with her about my favourite cake – anything with speculoos – not a care was given. We’ll get there. Soon enough.


My future family in-law. Happy Birthday, Cik!

A few Saturdays ago, Luq dressed up as Elmo for my baby nephew’s first birthday. He was a such a good sport, gotta love this man for this! I thought babies would freak out seeing a life size character that they see on tv in front of them. But not this baby. He was more than happy to see Elmo and he couldn’t stop smiling. My heart totally melted seeing this. But Luq told me that he would never do this for our kids because it’s too much effort (plus, he was sweating buckets in the suit). We’ll see, maybe my future kids are better negotiators than I am. And for some odd reason, my other nephew got mad at Elmo and he threw Elmo’s feet into the pool. Kids have their way of expressing tantrums/feelings and I should respect it. Or shouldn’t I? It was yet another great weekend with my extended family. I love how we are still closely knitted even after all this while. Feeling blessed.


Happy Birthday darling x


This is my nephew who threw Elmo’s feet into the pool. See that cheeky smile!


Look at that *heart melted*

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