invites out, i’m getting married for real

With May(hem) swinging in, we are down to our last three months before the big day. Not sure if what we’re feeling counts as wedding jitters, but there’s this tingling feeling in the air, stomach and everywhere else that you can think of. Planning this big day has been quite a ride. Just when you think you have crossed that hurdle, another one comes smacking right in your face. From my experience, the hurdles come in various forms – you won’t even guess that it is even remotely possible in the first place. Then when it happens, I’d call my rescue team (Luq, who else?).

But despite all that (some of which I failed to anticipate – no one gets it right the first time!), I can’t be more thankful for having talented family members in my life. You know how frustrating it can be dealing with vendors who don’t even know you, your style and how much minimum is minimalist enough. So, having these people in my life is truly a blessing.

That being said, we just finalized the design for our wedding invites and I totally dig it. At first, I didn’t really think much about it – just a wedding invite. People are just going to chuck in their letter trays and forget all about it. But after receiving some wedding invites (I admit, not many!) from friends, I do think about how their weddings are going to look like judging by their invites – shush about don’t judge a book by its cover. I bet you do it too – we’re all human! One of the better invites I’ve received is from Luq’s brother’s wedding. It was printed on an acrylic sheet. I thought it might just as well be part of the wedding favour, but of course he came out with a better idea for wedding favours and that’s a story for another time. And I won’t lie to you, I was earnestly looking forward to their big day and it didn’t disappoint.

No prize for guessing who helped us with our wedding invites. I love how the colours are used to bring out the themes of our wedding – such a good tease. The fact that it will be printed like a postcard does it for me. You know how much I adore them postcards so, when Matin suggested to have it printed on a postcard-sized art card, I was totally game! We didn’t really do much – just shared the colours we intend to use for both our wedding themes. When he first showed us the concept of the invite, we were so excited. If you’re looking for different and inspirational, well you know who to look for. It’s not just the play of colours, but also the choice of fonts that he used in the design. Somehow, even with multiple font types in one design, it all fits nicely and looks pretty inviting.





I’m guessing Matin’ll be doing our wedding favours and photobooth too. Lol, talk about lucky (or convenience). All Luq did at his wedding was sing (I mean, thanks Luq). You guys should check out his photobooth ideas too. For his wedding, he single-handedly painted the famous quote from A Walk to Remember on a canvas sheet. Mind you, that quote has more than 30 words, so riddle that.

Are you getting married soon and need some cool wedding ideas? Nahhh, @wearecamsel.

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