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Nothing much has changed. A lot has happened though, but nothing’s changed. I’m still with Luqman and getting married. Let’s see, work is getting crazier. Ok, people warned me about working in an agency, but me being me, I just needed to see it for myself – how’s that looking for ya? Last week, I overtime-d (rarely happened, ever) for two consecutive days. I even skipped lunch so that I could finish up my work. Is that worth it? NO, HELL NO. I don’t mind putting that extra hours at work occasionally, but not gonna make it a thing. Life’s too short to be serious. Dear future kids, if you happen to read this, this does not apply to you. Love, mumma  

Moving on, Luq and I spent the weekend painting our room. We were pretty prepared for it. We went shopping for paint the weekend before and picked the colour in less than 10 minutes – I’m getting better at making decisions. While painting halfway, I was this close to hire some construction workers who were having their lunch break to finish painting our room. It was so tiring. Of course, Luq did the major paint jobs but still, climbing up and down the ladder and at the same time battling the mother of heat was not an easy feat! We only finished past midnight (we started at 10 am, mind you) and gotta treat ourselves to (super) late night ice cream afterwards. Painting never again.


Apparently, Bobo and Caca have to go when Luq moves in. He told me to keep them in a plastic sheet for our future kids. Mmm kay…

The exhaustion from the weekend was real – still recuperating.

What else have I been busy with? Yes, the last bits of the wedding. At this point, I’m super bo-chap (translation: not bothered) with everything. Conversations be like, “eh, do I need henna?”, “wait sayang, there’s thing called bridal spa???”, “sayang, we need to print tags for wedding favours”, “are you helping me fold the cupcake boxes?”, “you punching holes for me too?”. I won’t lie to you, it is tiring dealing with the little parts of the wedding. There were days where I refused to even talk about the wedding because I just didn’t want to think. Dear future kids, if you happen to read this, be thankful that you are breathing because your parents had to deal with the whole wedding crap to get you into this world… Or not. Love, mumma. 

Dear 14 August, can you come soon? 

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