happy birthday singapore


So you’ve guessed it right, we went for NDP Preview last evening and it was incredible. I’ve always loved our national day parades which Luq finds it endearing that I’m quietly patriotic (I wish… he thinks I’m weird)! Well, I’ll be taking the kids with me in the future darling 🙂

Anyway, this year’s jet planes and fireworks displays are going to be amazing. My favourite was the jet plane that did a 360-degree turn and zoomed towards the sky. Damn son… And the sunset at the backdrop, what’s there not to love! So there was a bit of a tease with the fireworks this year. It burst out in stages and the real deal was crazy popping fun- there goes my income tax Singapore but I’m not gonna be sour about it because I love fireworks!IMG_7836

While queuing up to get in, Luq was testing my patriotism for the country by asking me to sing our national songs. I totally mixed up the songs. What can I say, I’m a natural medley.



Can you feel us?

Thank you Singapore for being a great place to live in. I would have never thought I feel so much for my country. But having seen the other side of the world, I am blessed to live here where it is safe and opportunity is abundance (eh please eh, be nice I’m staying put.) It’s scary and exciting at the same time to think about what another 50 years can bring us but let’s get rollin’!


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