granada… the beautiful granada

Granada marks the end of my solo travel. What a beautiful way to wrap everything up! Visited The Alhambra yesterday and today, I decided to take a stroll around Albayzin and boy, wasn’t the view of Alhambra from a distance just breathtaking!


It was a nice stroll up this hill to Alhambra.

Managed to send out 10 postcards today (yay! time for you to check your mailbox guys!) Also, I woke up with the weirdest craving – Iced Vanilla Latte. Went from one cafe to another and finally managed to get Iced Mocha Latte (well, that’s the closest!). One of the cafes I went, opened a bottle of milk chocolate for me and I drank it anyways!

The city streets.

The streets in the city.


Churros day as a dedication to the death of Paul Walker. May you rest in peace.

I had one of the best chocolate cakes here!

I had one of the best chocolate cakes here!

Granada is such a beautiful city where you can find orange and green foliage dancing together and making the whole scenery just… amazing. I couldn’t stop snapping photos of fallen autumn leaves on the ground. They were just so, so, so pretty! The whole set up is so romantic – one should never go to Granada (or Spain for that matter) alone! Met the loveliest Spanish couple while I was admiring Alhambra in one of the cafes. We had a great chat about Spain and they have the cutest baby boy – pretty sure he’ll be breaking hearts when he grows up!


My favourite elaborated dome in Alhambra.


Love the ceramic tiles in between the red bricks.

Baby Julian!

Baby Julian!

Spain, you’ve been nothing but beautiful the whole of November. Thank you for the great memories and spots where I sat down and counted my blessings. I shall only speak great words about you to others (which wouldn’t be at all difficult!).


View from Torre de la Vela.

Look at the landscape and then, me!

Look at the landscape and then, me!

Heading back to Barcelona by plane and staying with Xavier and Pilar – can’t wait to see the sweet couple again and listen to Xavier speaks patriotically about Catalunya! And… Aish and I will be travelling around Turkey with On The Go tours on Saturday. Will let you know more about On The Go tours in my next few posts 🙂

Need to pack my stuffs and I have a 12pm flight to catch!

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