goodbye sony xperia z3

One of the reasons I decided to buy this phone a year ago is because of its waterproof feature. Back then, I thought it was cool – I was all about waterproofing my things. Until I realised I hardly even got near the waters which made it absolutely pointless to own such a phone. It was in fact, a hard decision to make switching from Apple’s iOS to Android.

1 month after being a full-time Android user, I decided I’m very much an Apple person (and I still have 23 months to go!). Of course, I blamed Luq for this just because I can. Kidding… I don’t blame him for everything that goes wrong in my life. He also just switched to Android then, and he thought it would be cool to have me onboard – the Android couple or whatever.


See, I even customised a phone cover for it. I gave it a chance…

The phone did surprise me from time to time taking unfiltered pictures of sunrise and sunset during my travels. I even had showers with it a couple of times – but it would go a little bonkers for a while before getting back to normal. I thought you waterproof what. It was also my first phone that didn’t crack under my care because Luq got this phone as a gift and I wanted to show (or prove to him) that I am capable of taking good care of things. I have a history of dropping my phones and leaving cracks all over them. It was the gravity guys.

There were so many times that I almost bought an iPhone, but almost never quite happened. I still have 10 months to go with this phone before it decided to die on me two Tuesdays ago after swimming. T E N.

So this was how it all happened… I had just finished swimming and Luq was still breaking records in the pool. I thought it would be cool to test the waterproof feature on my phone in the pool (never tried that before so let’s do it right?). Underwater it went, and it froze as soon as I pulled it out to safety. I didn’t panic because this happened whenever I showered with the phone and it would revive later.

1 hour later, it was still showing a black screen and heated up. 2 hours later, the screen popped up, but I couldn’t frigging tap on anything. Hence, my last resort was to put it in the bowl of rice overnight to which my mum took it out and left it right outside my room before she’s off to work because it was making so much noise (my alarm went off and couldn’t stop – the death of the snooze button).

Here I am with an old iPhone 5 whose battery drains out like waterfall. I haven’t needed to be out with phone cables until a week ago. Until my financial advisor approves my budget for a new iPhone, I’m stuck with this one until god knows!

SONY XPERIA Z3, you no waterproof lahh anyhow say only! Tsk…

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