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We had to run a quick errand in JB last Saturday for the wedding. The last time we went in on a Saturday, we were caught in a jam and last Saturday was no different. I’m going to let you in on a tip – Sunday is a much better day to drive in. Trust me, I’ve been going in and out of the checkpoint many times more than I have scrubbed my toilet floor. Anyway, we decided to just go with it, because after Sunday is Monday and the blues (now that I am working again) would hit me real hard. #struggleisreal

We braved through the rain (not really, we were sitting comfortably in the car) and the jam. After what felt like forever, we made it through immigration (still not grumpy yet). Since both of us didn’t have data overseas, we had (or rather, Luq tasked me) to screenshot the directions. I was confident that I’d it all covered – the names of roads, the maps, everything. Until Luq was scrunching his nose thinking – and on the verge of losing it because of the traffic, not me – why did it seem … unfinished. Naturally, I said, “no it’s not, see properly”. Well whoops, Google Maps proved that he’s right – there were a few more winding roads to go. Lesson learnt: Don’t ask me anything about directions. Unless you want to be lost, be my guest.

Initially, we wanted to check out Chaiwalla (if you don’t know, you’re not cool) because everyone seemed to rave about it. Not knowing entirely what this café was selling, I told Luq that we could totally get lunch too. He’s quite a lot to handle when he’s hungry – this would be my cue to let him be the baby. So when we found the container/café in an open car park, he turned to me and was this close to losing his cool. If I had done my research on the café, I should know that they were selling Iced Coffees, pastries and many others that were not proper food in his terms. Plus (and this is a huge one), it’s a take away café – so uhmm where do we sit down and eat?

You could imagine how livid he was by that time. Thankfully for me (my head was on the chopping board guys), there were many other cafés along the way for us to choose from. We checked out a couple and decided to go with Fork & Dagger. To be honest, I didn’t think much about where to eat. Just feed my baby already. The café was so hipster that if both of us were to jump up and down on the wooden floor, it might crumble. After we ordered – Nasi Goreng Daging Merah for the baby and Honey Glazed Chicken for me – I caught a glimpse of discomfort in his eyes. Of course I had to ask why the face right … he said that the place looked dirty. W H I C H P A R T?! It was actually pretty clean guys, considering it’s JB. He was just being a baby and wanted more attention than I was already giving.

The food came pretty quickly and Luq was sweet enough to let me snapchat our food before devouring them. I started mine with salad and holy macaroni, truly one of the best dressings I’ve tasted. The Honey Glazed Chicken didn’t disappoint as well. I was enjoying the chicken so much that I forgot to offer some to the baby. But nevermind that, he helped himself before I could offer – anything for you baby, take my food… all of it. We also tried the Oreo Churros and it wasn’t that bad I guess. I’m not really a dessert person, but Luq didn’t seem to mind finishing most of it on his own.


He was feeling much happier after this was taken… much happier.

&, for the best part of the day…*drumroll*

The total bill (we had 2 meals, 1 dessert and 1 drink) was only RM23.80 (SGD 8.23)!!! Both of us lit up despite everything that happened before. Cheap lunches really make our world go round. Till next time – jam or not, #justgoje.


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