fluff cupcakes

When the girl craves for cupcakes, well the boy better be coming with one. So I told Luq that I was craving for Fluff Bakery’s Salted Caramel cupcake one afternoon. So I should expect to be eating one by evening… lol, sometimes I have to give it to him for tolerating me! Anything for love, guys 🙂

Right before yoga, he stopped by Fluff Bakery to get one for me- salted caramel for moi and bandung for him. So being the nice girlfriend that I am, I carried his yoga mat for him because he was on guard duty for the cupcakes on the train! That boy takes every single job very seriously. It was between me and his cupcake when the train jerked, he chose the cupcakes!

“Baby, are we eating this after yoga?”
“No, right after we alight.”
“But… I will vomit in yoga”
“We’re just in beginners class. Don’t worry”

You know I listen to him and trust him with every decision he makes for us. So while waiting for the bus, he told me we could start indulging. I joked about the bus arriving while we were devouring that piece of cupcake goodness.

I know dreams come true, but apparently jokes come true too.

I had to gobble down my cupcake and smeared the best part on my face. SO NOT IDEAL!

It was still good though… Fluff Bakery, you still got it man!

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